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Thoughts and Questions to Fatshark

warhammer 3 - Thoughts and Questions to Fatshark

Considering the balance changes their have been mixed feeling altogether, and it is nice to see FS work on something. But I Just wanted to know, as a player with over 2000 hours and talks with at least 50 people that I play vermintide with. Where is the love for the veterans…. . Here are our thoughts and questions on Vermintide 2 as a whole. Now obviously I do not speak for all vets ( as most have more hours than I do) but of the friends I talk to, here are our thoughts.

1.) Deed reworks – Not sure if this ever was fully discussed other than " working on it" but the current way to claim deeds is very monotonous. Claiming deeds through RNG and then getting properties of those deeds to be RNG, is just in our opinion just lazy. We thought of ways to have deeds become a better experience as in :

Having the ability to choose the 'modifiers' of a deed and difficulty, and then the chest reward would be based off the properties and difficulty. Mostly we play deeds for the extra challenge and trying to scrounge for 'fun' deeds is boring. Obviously this can be achieved in the modded realm but most of the modifers just crash the game.

2.) Cata portraits/Chests – Not sure why but when you complete certain challenges on Legend then you claim an Emperor Vault. Try to do a cata challenge, in this case beating Back To Ubersreik missions on cata.. you end up with only a commendation challenge. Mostly I play cata missions just for fun but we would like at least SOME incentive or at least showing the fruits of our labor by completing this missions on CATA. Like a portrait or an EMP vault or maybe more shillings… Now for veterans having an emp vault does not really matter but its really the thought that counts and for us, getting a commendation chest just seems boring, its like FS is afraid to give out EMP Vaults. For the portaits…. well you have 4. Bogenhaven, FOW, beating all missions on cata and Dark Omens. We would like the idea to expand on this.. maybe beating every mission on CATA with one hero( a portrait for each hero). Another option could be that beating all missions on cata without failing one mission. Its these incentives that would make the game more enjoyable as there is an objective to work towards, this is not detrimental to normal play, as I play with a group of friends but just any incentive would be awesome.

3.) QOL issues – Not sure what happened between Vermintide 1 and 2. Vermintide 2 is severly lacking in the most basic of QOL features. For example, in vermintide 1, you had multiple options on what to do when you complete a mission:


– To Continue to the next level(without going to the keep)

– To choose a random level(without going to the keep)

– Return to keep.

Then you have the host migration. Back in vermintide 1, if the host left the game, it would then have another player that is a part of the same lobby become the new 'host'. It is very infuriating that since the host got picked off by a gutter runner and leaves the game since he is angry, everyone in the lobby just returns to the keep. Very unfortunate. Also the way to reroll properties was way better in Vermintide 1.

RNG for the RNG gods – Now RNG is not bad if its implemented correctly, and FS RNG craze is very annoying. You get RNG chest quality( fuck Renald) then RNG items. Then if you get a red item or a weapon that you like, well now you have to RNG the properties… then RNG the traits(which are not so bad since it is limited). Back in Vermintide 1 you are able to choose the properties then re-roll the percentage of that property. And of the release of the weaves, in which you choose the properties and the weapons and use in-game essence to upgrade those same weapons. That system would be great to implement.

Illusions/Cosmetics – Ok so I have always wondered, for the people of FS that work on cosmetics, are they color blind? You rarely see any outfits out of a select few that actually look decent instead of looking like a clown most of the time. Not sure what FS has against color coordination but its just mind-blowing that there is barely any decent outfit collabs. It would be nice to have a paint 'selector' where you just pick an outfit then you could customize it further to include what color you want, and the same could be applied to the helmet.

Now then you have the issue of weapon cosmetics, primarily the glowing cosmetics. I Have always wondered why there are no different colors other than blue and purple for the weapon glow. It would be awesome if there were at least maybe yellow, green, red and the like, as well as having these options of weapon glow be applied to any weapon. There are some weapons in Vermintide 2 that I think just look better,buttt there is no weapon glow for them. Having the ability to have these weapons glow as well with the addition of getting different color variations for them would be awesome and a welcome change.

Now if anyone has an update on any of this information then that would great, their are just some things that FS could do to make this game even better.

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