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Thoughts on 1.2.2 Pyromancer

warhammer 3 - Thoughts on 1.2.2 Pyromancer

Hi everyone. I wanna share a few thoughts about my experience with this patch so far.

I used to main a disgusting wigglemancer, even though I hardly abused the "wiggle" mechanic because it's lame. What I mostly do is playing at short range with shotgun mode. I only use the beam to deal with specials and to lower my overheat when it gets out of control, but I avoid it as much as possible since it ruins the game for other players.

Today I joined a few matches just to test out the new stuff and, by Sigmar, my Sienna was trash (or maybe just the way I play has become outdated). I noticed that the Heat Sink trait still works with the beam staff shotgun mode, so dealing with clustered hordes still leaves Sienna mostly overcharge-free and drowning in temp health. So far, so good. Pyro can evaporate hordes and, with some venting and Burning Head management, it's possible to control her overcharge. Right? Well, kind of…

To me it feels like instead of nerfing her strongest mechanics, the fix only made Pyro weaker at her weakest point: shes ridiculously squishy. Anything can knock her down super fast, and once she's down she dies REALLY fast. The thing is that before the nerf, Sienna's motto was "the best defense is a good offence". You could just shotgun a few enemies to find your way out of a dangerous situation and proceed with the roasting from a safer position. Now you don't really have as many resources to work with and acting so recklessly can lead you do death. So, if staggering enemies with spammable fire is no longer an option, because overcharge is a real thing now, the most reasonable thing to do is to stagger them with your melee weapon. However, Pyro is possibly the worst class in the game to do this pushing thing considering her shitty stamina. I event tried using the Shield of Tardue talent, but it heavily lowered my damage output (less than I'm able to deal as Unchained), and I think Pyro's objective should be dealing as much damage as possible, right?


I believe that venting should be the main mechanic to deal with overcharge, but with this patch she went from "staggering enemies (beam) while reducing overcharge (Heat Sink) and gaining temp health (Seething Embers)" to "being completely vulnerable (Vent) while reducing overcharge (Vent) and losing health (Vent) ". That is a HUGE game changer. She had "infinite" temp health while shooting but take a couple hits from a blind spot and she's down. Surviving as a Pyromancer was not exactly super easy, despite of her stupidly massive amounts of damage. Now it's incredibly difficult to stay alive. Leading us to the risk-reward analysis: Pyro is no longer independent and unless the entire group is communicating properly, she's too fragile for a Legend run.

BUT WAIT! Before you grab your pitchforks, this rant is not necessarily a complaint.

I actually want to thank FatShark for this monstrous nerf. It forced me to give Unchained a chance and I FU*KING LOVED IT! It feels like a very balanced class that gives some margin to mistakes and it still deals some decent damage. It's actually super fun to play. And to be honest, unless people find a way to make Pyromancer fun again, I'll be hacking and slashing the vermin tide with my fire sword from now on.

Final thoughts on Pyromancer: she needs a heavy rework. Vermintide 2 is not a good ecossystem for a ranged glass canon (also she's a poor old Lady, give her some rest).

That's all and thank you for your attention.


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