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Thoughts on the New Weapons

warhammer 4 - Thoughts on the New Weapons

Video link if you don't know the details of the weapons yet:

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I can't see myself using Kerillian's new bow over the Longbow as Waystalker (longbow is still my favorite) because ammo is never a problem for Waystalker the way I build her. But with Handmaiden who is CONSTANTLY low on ammo? Hell yes, give me that thing. Which is fitting that it works better for Handmaiden because its look says "High Elf" way more than it says "Wood Elf." It always kind of irked me that a High Elf Handmaiden would walk around with bows that obviously look Wood Elf made so this solves that. Shade already has its crossbow after all.

Trollhammer Torpedo is a must have. Gimme. But actually, aside from the fact it's badass and looks AMAZINGLY fun, its ammo and range make it super limited in what it can do. Which is actually fine for Ironbreaker who should up front tanking anyway and only whipping out his ranged weapon for situational things anyway (Drakegun for Hordes, Handgun for Specials) so simply swapping that condition to be: Patrols, Monsters, emergencies vs Hordes actually works out for that class specifically. A shame Bardin's new weapon is only for ONE class but he just got an update that gave him a new Hammer that power creeps everything else he had and a boss killing Pistol that works way better in the hands of Ranger Veteran than it does for Engineer. All in all as a Bardin mostly main, I'm happy with all of it.


Duckfoot ( i mean excuse me, Griffon foot) pistols, say they are versatile, don't look that way to me. I'm not a fan of the shotguns in this game, and thus don't plan to use this for Victor.

Sienna's new staff (I'm just going to call it Flamestorm since it looks WAY more like Flamestorm than the Flamethrower staff does) Looks amazing and I really want to love it, but I know that I won't be able to use it effectively on Legend because it doesn't have a sniper option for specials. So same problem the other Shotguns have or her Flamethrower staff does. It'll be situationally useful that I can only really abuse if i have a good sniper class (Bounty Hunter, Waystalker, Huntsman, Ranger Veteran or Engineer) in my party. It looks super fun though.

Spear and Shield for Krubs looks like it can FINALLY be a worthwhile Shield weapon that you can use for Foot Knight. I'm also curious. Can Grail Knight use it? That extra power on the stab could be really handy for Grail Knight who can never have enough options for melee weapons.

My thoughts on these. Depending on price point on opening day in the US I might pick this up day 1.

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