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Fatshark are actually great, they've mad an amazing game with, in my opinion, the best combat mechanics I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It's sad to see the potential V2 has and knowing the game could be so much better. Makes hardcore fans like me sad. I love this game so damn much and I'm tired of being dissapointed.

I was a ps4 player for a long time and only recently moved to PC, main reason was to get away from the bugs, constantly delayed content and fatshark not fixing things for months or at all. Simply being able to play was a coinflip and getting a party together was impossible because most of the time you had to restart the game/console, not being able to join your friends party even though the rest of your group got in Everything was random and sometimes you just had to accept defeat and stop trying after wasting your time. Most of my gaming sessions consisted of trying to get the lobby and party to work for 1-2 hours, hopefully playing 1 or 2 games before disconnecting or game crashing from gunners and other bugs. We got a few patches but most of them either made the problem worse or didn't fix it. I can easily say that in my 800 hours on ps4 I spent atleast 40% of that time trying to make the game work.


I feel like the v2 community wants things that are already in the game to be fixed and perfected instead of new things like weaves and pvp being added. We want things like proper stats re-rolling on gear (which i also spent a good portion of my game time on), not losing progress because host rages, Most cosmetics feel very uninspired and way too many things look similar. There isn't enough skins for reds and a lot of green/blue/orange designs could be used for reds too. Not all of them have to glow. Deeds dropping from chests is stupid and droprate is way too low, why can't we just select our own deed modifiers? Whoever decided that those 2700 shilling cosmetics a while back was a good idea deserves a spanking. There's so much more but I think we can all agree on getting the things we already have fixed instead of things like Versus.. I'd pay them NOT to make Versus and put that effort on the main game instead. I don't mind them making it but not when there's so much that needs fixing already.

Fatshark, the reason people get so upset is because they love your game and your keep making bad decisions. The Drachenfel maps are awesome and you did a fantastic job there, I hope 2020 will be a turning point for this game and I'd love to become a daily visitor of the reddit again. It was awesome before WoM. I also want to say that I really enjoy WoM, I don't really play weaves but I think the beastmen, new weapons and cataclysm are super fun and the talents rework is way better. I don't want FS to think that we hate the game and that their work isn't appreciated.

Love, Cousin Okri.

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