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Three Oddball Careers

warhammer 3 - Three Oddball Careers

Ed/Fwd: All these careers can be played on Legend/Cata, I just think they could use a tune-up. They're viable, just not as competitive as other careers for various reasons.

Had a notion and wanted to jot down a discussion topic: I see three careers that don't have good talent/weapon sync, and they're among the weaker careers (in legend/cata, in my eyes – opinions welcome) so wanted to get this forum's feedback on them. Unchained is not one of those careers – it's widely regarded as the worst career in hard difficulties and the devs have said they're looking into it. No, today I'd like to get your opinions on:

  • Pyromancer (talents & weapons)
  • Huntsman (talents & weapons)
  • Ranger Veteran (talents & weapons)

Pyro: The career is in a weird spot. It's "the ranged" career (Searing Focus: 10% ranged damage) but Bright Wizard does 'ranged' better by virtue of better throughput (better heat management). Her THP talents are all melee (why isn't one of them Critical strikes/headshots given her +30% crit passive?), her level 10&20 talents are a split between melee and ranged. Her weapon selection is fine (sans Mace) and effective. Thought/Conclusion: I think she's actually more of a flexible bruiser a la WHC, Merc rather than 'the ranged' career these days. Why not bump the base hp to 125, swap her THP on cleave to THP on crit/hs, make her base passive 50% reduced slow on overcharge, and rework the L25 talents to give more optionality between melee and range (so that Volan's doctrine isn't the default and to recoup the lost ranged power). She works right now, but her kit's design lacks focus and she's simply not Sienna's best ranged career. If she's to be the crit-based career that can go melee or range effectively, her talents/passives could be reworked to better define that role. I'd rather her be comparable to WHC's spot between BH & Zealot, or Merc's between Hunts & FK, or Slayer's spot between RV & IB. Ed: They could take some inspiration from Zealot's talents (eg: +10 & 20% melee power or ranged power or attack speed at certain levels of overcharge) as well. Thoughts?


Huntsman: A main issue with Huntsman is his ranged weapon selection; Repeater is the only all-around strong weapon and the rest have their issues (Manbow: Handling, Handgun: Reload & ammo & handling, Blunderbuss: Ammo). His role is well defined and the majority of his talents/traits are effective and support it. He lacks the L5 THP on crit/headshot option, which is strange given he has so many traits/passives that deal with headshots/crits. His L20 talents in particular probably should be reworked with an eye toward supporting different ranged weapons – instead of requiring a ranged headshot for 20% reload, how about just 25% reload speed all the time (Handgun). Instead of Burst of Enthusiasm, how about something that makes getting ammo back even easier (25% for a free shot on bodyshot or something with an eye toward blunderbuss). Then you'd have reload vs headshot vs shotgun sustain options. His L25 talents also could likely use a review/refresh, particularly Master Huntsman. Thoughts/Conclusion: Minor buffs to ranged weapons & a rework of L20&25 talents to better align with his weapon options would be beneficial. Thoughts?

Ranger Vet: Similar to Huntsman his ranged weapons struggle a bit though: I'd argue crossbow is fine, throwing axes ~eh (handling), Handgun meh (reload & handling & ammo), and Grudgeraker is ~ok (ammo). His 15% reload speed passive doesn't make a big difference in my eyes and could be doubled w/o impacting balance much. I'd argue RV has pretty decent talent selection options, things like Exuberance are pretty outstanding, but he's just in a very odd spot. This is one where I just don't have a lot of ideas – he needs SOMETHING to feel more useful in my eyes (to be clear, amazing players rock with him), and I just don't know what – minor buffs to handgun/grudge ammo wouldn't be enough. Thoughts?

Ed: Worth noting I view both Handgun & Shotgun as needing buffs for both Kruber & Bardin generally speaking, that definitely ties into career viability. Shotgun doesn't do armor damage or get ammo back from bashes anymore; seems silly not to have the ammo at at least 20. Handgun's incredibly slow reload and tiny ammo pool is rewarded with ~highest damage in the game to a single pinpoint, which just isn't enough to make it competitive in my eyes – crossbow roundly trounces it for the sniper role.

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