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Tier List here; come argue now

warhammer 1 - Tier List here; come argue now

So, this is my take on the best classes in the game. When I rank a class I will also give reasons why / ways to play said class that make it exceptional / terrible. My background: 700 hours in the game and plenty of games with all the classes, especially the good ones.

  1. Zealot: if you die with this character: you are doing it wrong (talents: 2, 2, 2, 2, 2), or your team died and left you alone to get assassind. falchion axe = best melee weapon in the game (has probably the highest dps of all melee and 6 dodge count). Has excellent options for killing specials, can also rush down bosses with brace of pistols. I also have a special little combo with concoction and shrapnel, to literally destroy a boss in 8 seconds flat.
  2. Shade: sword dagger: has the boss clearing of daggers, and 3/4 wave clear of swords, and has 6 dodge count. Crossbow has no problem with specials especially if you know counter strike spray patterns. summary: Has amazing survivability and can deal with everything
  3. unpopular opinion: Waystalker: so here either elven axe or one handed sword: don't tell the devs but these 2 weapons have infinite dodge count, and if you understand how good dodge is after the ranged nerf than you know why that is good. These weapons do about the same amount of single target damage as far as I can tell, but sword does offer better clear (but you do have to use charged attacks for the single target damage vs easy left clicking with axe). Hagbane bow: this is probably the most versatile weapon in the game. With the right talents you can just spam this the whole game and it's powerful. I throw power vs monster and power vs infantry on both bow and charm. this allows you to burst bosses like a shade by spam left clicking with a strength pot up and barrage on the bow, and allows you to clear waves with the ADS poison. This also staggers everything under a boss (even whole chunks of enemies with ADS).
  4. Ranger Veteran: has amazing survivability with the ult, and provides support ammo and other stuff for his team. I roll single axe: which has a 6 dodge count and does great single target damage. as for wave clear I go the shotgun: the grudge-raker is the centerpiece of this character; it can kill anything and everthing besides chaos warriors (this is why i use axe), and also has range that is surprisingly far (if something is really really far you will have trouble killing it). The most important thing to do with the grudge-raker is line things up; if done correctly you can kill whole mobs of infantry coming at you in a line with 2 shots, stacks of berserkers, and stacks of maulers. I throw power vs infantry on it and the charm which makes it excellent for wave clear. There is also a glitch on it where you can bash on it faster than normal by weaving in a reload in between bashes, and that combined with power vs infantry makes it wave clear like crazy (it literally hits everything in front of you in a cone no matter how body-dense)
  5. Slayer: duel axes and pickaxe. pickaxe does the best single target in the game for a melee weapon (goes through chaos warriors like butter). Duel axes have amazing wave clear and 6 dodge count which makes for excellent survivability along with increased dodge (that goes for all the characters that have increased dodge range talents). You can use your ult on this character on 1/3 of an infantry wave and have it for the next 1/3 and then the next 1/3, which makes you a clearing machine. only issue is obviously no ranged, which means you can get crushed if mulitiple fire rats or gunner rats come at you.
  6. Witch Hunter Captain: has all the tools that zealot has and can even produce more damage for his whole team with his ult and tagging ability. It only goes below Zealot because he is not unkillable like Zealot and because his ult has a long cd.
  7. Handmaiden: has all the stuff waystalker has, but doesn't have unlimited ammo. Has the best dodge in the game if the talent in taken resulting in 35%+ to your dodge. Either single sword or axe again. You can either take short bow to clear specials, or hagbane for the reasons i give in waystalker (only ammo is an issue (bring Ranger Veteran)). Has even better survivability than waystalker (it's almost too much survivability).
  8. Mercenary: amazing wave clear with the executioner sword, and you can give extra attack speed to your friends with the talent. Executioner sword can also spit out good single target damage with charged attack, unlike the 2 handed sword. Can revive teammates from afar with talent, or just give everyone a free health potion with reduced cd every 30 seconds. Can handle specials with repeater handgun and regular handgun, or if you want to blow away elites go for blunderbuss. His main issue is his own survivability. This is a problem with Kruber in general as his highest dodge weapon is one of his 3 dodge count weapons (dodge is op because you can't be hit while dodging unless you dodge into an attack on a teammate, or your dodge was ineffective, and also the more you can dodge the more dps you can put out because you are 100% safe from damage during that time (if you aren't dodging you should be blocking the large groups in front of you)).
  9. Pyromancer: people think she's bad after the ranged nerf, but you can still clear whole waves in front of you with fireball staff, they just have to line up better. Fireball staff also amazing at killing specials. Obviously the crowbill for melee, it's Sienna's best weapon by far (this is probably the only weapon in Sienna's kit that can kill chaos warriors reliably well (pay to win much)). Take the level 25 talent to clear overcharge and you will be roasting an unlimited amount of rats. Issues are her survivability: she's made of glass and has a dodge count of 3.
  10. Huntsman: have you seen what this class does to rasknitt with a blunderbuss (it's pretty much how you get the Skittergate challenge done) Has better self survivability with his ult and can clear bosses like shade. blunderbuss with power vs monster, fast shooting talents, and ult with strength pot is amazing to kill bosses with. I wanted this higher but I had to give ranks 6-9 some love. Cons: 3 dodge count and made of glass
  11. Battle wizard: I do something cool for this one: i go double fire run talent with cooldown reduction on beam staff. beam staff shotgun crits on waves will give you your ult back instantly, which means more fire on the ground, which means more things burning (ult into a wave running at you and ult back out of it to make trail they run through). This means more survivability based on having the ult all the time pretty much. Beam staff can also clear specials with the ADS right click. Crowbill for Chaos warrios. Cons: low hp, and just doesn't have as much dps as pyro because she can't clear her overcharge on ult (who vents anyway (venting is too slow).
  12. Bounty Hunter: all i'm gonna say is i want my pre nerf bounty hunter with the crossbow back (/cry). can 1 shot Chaos warriors with double shotted ult, or spinny pistol shot, both with passive up. Has access to axe/falchion. Cons: has bad boss damage, made of glass, makes me nostalgic and then angry when i play it.
  13. Ironbreaker: This should probably be higher but i don't respect tanks. Has great hp of course, Drakefire pistols are great: can kill specials and clear waves pretty well. Drakefire cannon: clears waves veeeeerry well. can kill chaos warriors with single axe. Can save anybody close to him if he ults and holds block. Cons: low damage (removing things off the screen quickly and safely by dodging is better than just block bashing them and killing them slowly), terrible boss damage, if he's alone he's pretty much gonna die, and why are shields even in the game.
  14. Unchained: another tank: She excels at melee especially with crowbill so she can kill chaos warriors fine. She gets buffs at higher levels of overcharge to her melee power up to 60% (even more sweet damage). I run conflag staff on her which can literally stagger whole patrols with one right click, and can snipe specials with left click. Cons: she overheats too quickly (literally faster than pyro and battle wizard if she's using her staff which means less special killing), low dodge, and her wave clear is questionable (this should never be a problem in a build), also if i see one more person blow themselves up on accident with this class i'm putting it below Foot Knight
  15. Foot Knight: has the initials FK, because this is what you say when you play it, literally does nothing but maybe save people with his ult, even with the level 25 power spike on ult he's just meh. cons: this character dumb.

Sry for disrespecting any Foot Knight players like that (but not really).

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