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Tips for Cloak of Mist Shade?

warhammer 5 - Tips for Cloak of Mist Shade?

Running low on careers I like to play, but don't yet have the hats for, I decided to give Shade another try. Remembering why I didn't like her in the first place – being useless unless there'a boss and a conc pot – I decided to switch out Cloak of Pain for Cloak of Mist (with a 212221 build).

Crits seem to work great on hordes, ult recharges quickly enough to have >50% uptime when there's enough things to hit and in combination with Vanish it is theoretically possible to delete whole mixed horde waves or SV patrols in seconds. Boss damage is a lot worse and requires precision, but it's still significant. Faster recharge also allows me to use the ult a lot more freely for utility purposes or just a damage boost.

For the weapon choice, I initially went with dual swords (amazing on hordes or anything man-sized as long as you can survive until the ult comes up, but utterly useless against chaos warriors), then tried spear (better defensively, significantly worse offensively due to lack of cleave and built-in crits), glaive (can't get to anti-horde performance that feels like it's worth it, worse for backstabs because of lower cleave too) before ending up with greatsword (good cleave for hordes or backstabs, actually good armor damage with heavy 1 headshots or backstab crits due to trust attack multiplier). I know daggers are good, but I hate them, and I'm tired of S&D at this point.


While the build is fun, the problem is that I can't seem to make it work properly. Using ult on a horde from the front is suboptimal, going behind the whole horde wave ends up with half of it already dead at teammate's hands before I start killing, and starting from the middle easily gets me stuck. Patrol delete is good, but against Chaos/Beastmen it's less effective than against stormvermin, and in either case one bad swing can get me stuck in a very, very bad spot. Vanish doesn't seem to be entirely reliable overall, though I can't exactly say how. Four seconds of 100% crit with the ult is very good, but because unlike WHC, CoM Shade has to hit enemies from behind for maximum effect, it encourages a lot movement and still requires attacking continuously within those four seconds without stopping to defend, and I'm not good enough with subconscious enemy tracking to pull that off consistently without taking damage.

So basically, it seems that there's extremely thin line between being effective and being completely useless as CoM shade. Can someone offer me some tips to what I might be doing wrong or how to improve, more specific than 'git gud'?

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