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Tips for full book legend solo runs?

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Maybe it's just rotten luck on my part, but playing solo with bots feels like it's gotten significantly harder since the new patch released. I tried my damndest for the majority of this weekend and only ever came close twice.

A big part of this increased difficulty is that probably about 9 times out of ten a horde spawns right at the beginning or towards the middle of a boss fight. Virtually every time this happens it's a death sentence. This wouldn't be so difficult with human players, but this is a very big problem for me when I'm trying to play on my own.


Special enemies seem to have gotten smarter to some degree. I am constantly getting pinned down by ratings and flamerats, both of which are usually spawned in pairs. Gas rats have been a huge pain to deal with too. This is due entirely to the fact that the bots quickly rush to the aid of someone who's downed in the gas despite the fact that they're on their last life or on dangerously low health.

This isn't meant to be a post complaining about the changes. I've really enjoyed the social wheel and the AI tweaks, I just want to get some advice from those of you who have been successful in completing a full book solo run. I'd be willing to give anything a shot.


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