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Tips for legend difficulty.

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I am posting this because I don't really see many (if at all) any posts for people looking to play legend difficulty. One of the BEST maps to start off on is Righteous Stand or The Screaming Bell.

-First off, legend difficulty is A LOT harder than champion. If you decide you want to play legend for the first time, play safe. This actually brings me to my next point.

-Stay near your team. I have been in too many lobbies where the sole reason I lose is because someone ran ahead of the team and got killed and the other players try to revive him/her (nothing wrong with that) and end up dying also. Again, just stay with your team.

-The next things is to communicate. Wether it's through text chat or mic (mic is obviously preferable), say things that you think are important, like if you hear an assassin or a hook rat.


-Try to play what your team needs if you join in the lobby. Let me frist prefice this by saying that this is NOT THAT important, you can make any game work with any team comp. It makes it so much easier if you have a well structured one though. In my opinion one of the better comps would be IB Bardin, Pyro Sienna, Foot Knight Kruber, and Bounty Hunter Saltz. Also, make sure you know your rule and the person you are playing as. Say, if you are playing Bardin you're gonna want to be in the front blocking for the Sienna. If you're BH Saltz you will be trying to look for specials and elites to take down.

-Last point I have is to not get mad. I have to say 90% of the time I lose it's because of crappy RNG. If it's a silent patrol or a ton of specials. Yes, it can be tilting, but all you have to do is tell yourself it's unfortunate and move on to the next one. You just have to decide wether it was RNG or bad decision making.

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Thank you for reading my "guide" and good luck on your rat slaying adventures. If you have any other questions just ask in the comments and I will respond as soon as a I can. 🙂

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