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Today a Ratling Gunner saved our team from a Chaos Spawn

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Going through Into the Nest, a team of an Unchained, a Foot Knight, a Ranger, and a Shade. All is going well. There's pretty good coordination, we killed a silent stormvermin patrol and have both grimores and the first two tomes. And then we drop down into the room with the last tome. The chaos spawn screech occurs, the team moves waits with the best of the mediocre firing lines the room offers and readies potions… And then a skaven horde decides that now is an excellent time to arrive as well.

Okay, we can manage this. The shade and unchained can focus on the spawn, foot knight and ranger can deal with the horde. Our shade downs a strength potion, goes invisible… and is promptly smashed into the ground by a combo attack. Sienna does her best to set the spawn on fire, but it continues crushing the life out of the downed, invisible, elf. With barely a quarter of the spawn's health drained it performs a final slam ending Kerillian's life and, in the very same motion, grabs the wizard who had until this point been completely ignored.

Bardin and Kruber have, at this point, thinned most of the horde and prevented them from directly assisting the spawn. However with the death of Kerillian and Seinna in the spawn's grasp, Kruber turns away from the skaven and charges into the monstrosity. The chaos spawn appears stunned and the party may yet recover, yet as the seconds pass Sienna remains grasped in mid air unable to move, even as the spawn itself is motionless. Worse still, while Kruber was saving the beleaguered wizard our ranger had fallen to the skaven surrounding him, who shortly moved forward to overwhelm the knight.


So it was that things remained for a quiet minute: three quarters of the group slain, and the final member incapacitated in the telekinetic grip of a passive chaos spawn while a scattering of clanrats watch. Into this plateau with a clank and a rattle dropped our unlikely hero. A skaven gunner, determined to slay the final Hero of Ubersreik, plants the barrels of its infernal contraption straight into the back of the chaos beast holding her and unleashes a stream of warp bullets. Pausing only to reload, the gun rat steadily chips away at the spawn's health until finally, after half a minute, the beast falls. And with its destruction, so to falls its mystical grip on Sienna.

Sienna had been observing this bizarre backstabbing and was not caught unprepared when the flesh beast shielding her from the ratling ceased to exist. With a flash of flame and several explosions the gunner was staggered back, the clanrat observers charred and left to die on the ground. Sienna fled to regroup before skaven packmasters, globadiers, and assassins could finish the job, leaving behind a scorched and bewildered yet breathing gunner behind.

So it was that through the overambitious backstabbing of a single skaven gunner that the Heroes of Ubersreik defeated a chaos spawn and continued onward to defeat Skarrik Spinemanglr, sowing chaos within the skaven horde.

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