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Tome/grimoire mechanic is lame

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I have about 30 hours in V2 with a bunch of characters at low level and one character at 22. I know where most of the tome/grimoire locations are. From my experience, almost all the players with some experience will want to do a full run. For new players, it's kind of pointless unless everyone is skilled enough to make it through a full run particularly because our loot drops aren't up to 300 power yet. I'm still at around 210 equipment drops after putting more hours in the game than most people ever will.

On a lot of quick play runs, people will beeline to grimoires even on champion when people have died multiple times or half the team is dead. More often than not in such situations it results in a failed run with no loot drops. Better players understand that if people die it's OK to drop the grimoire to guarantee the success of the run instead of suicidally wasting time picking them up. I don't personally enjoy the jumping puzzles which are the same every single time and seem to run counter to the fun randomization for all the other drops.


I don't mind the added difficulty that comes with the tomes and grimoires but the fact that they are always in guaranteed places and always guaranteed to spawn is kind of tiresome.

I know this is a bit of a whine-post and it will not be addressed in V2. I really enjoy the core gameplay. I don't think the loot boxes add anything and neither does the leveling. I like having the options of multiple weapons and traits even if most of them are garbage. It seems like they just decided "we need a grindy progression system" and then put in a crappy one full of trap choices that makes the game harder to balance.

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