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Tone down frequency of ‘This way’ and ‘aim for the Head’

chivalry medieval warfare 01 1024x576 - Tone down frequency of 'This way' and 'aim for the Head'

It's a minor gripe, but Holy hell, i can't be the only one that gets annoyed by how often it comes up, right? Entire party heading forward in a line "THIS WAY, MAYFLIES." I KNOW I'M LITERALLY RIGHT BEHIND YOU, TWO METERS AWAY, MOVING IN THE SAME DIRECTION OF FORWARD MOTION, MAKING PROGRESS.

Or even worse, some healings/items to be had, one person moves on, triggers 'This way' then the next person. And then the last person, just because we're a little more spaced out, but still close enough to hear the line everytime.

Less annoying for me, but more so for my friend(s), especially when he's playing Kirillian and people are shouting at the elf to 'go for the head' it's like I KNOW!


So please, lower the frequency of the the voice lines. I can see for beginners they can be helpful callouts but for a person who's gaining familiarity with the game and experienced, it's really unnecessary and rather annoying when the game decides each person should shout out 'this way', sometimes multiple times in a mission, regardless of proximity and how close said 'shouter' is being followed.

Maybe just make those specific callouts less frequent above recruit difficulty, and disable the 'go for the head' lines unless someone actually starts swinging a No-AP weapon at their bodies, doing 0 damage. (Or just turning the two lines off completely at veteran or champion, as they offer no banter between characters.)

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