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Top 10 Tips for New Players

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I'm just having fun leveling the other classes after I hit 300 on items, just like probably others. I've observed other players making these mistakes while leveling. Some of these aren't even specific to Vermintide 2, but I'm a little surprised it's not known.

  1. Stats don't tell the whole story. Someone could have less damage or kills because they were spending the whole time supporting flanks.

  2. Festering Ground – The whole group doesn't need to go together and to avoid unnecessary damage I think it's best to just have 2 people clear and the other two on lookout.

Hunger in the Dark – I like to take the 4th keg in the beginning and toss it above to prevent it from being accidentally destroyed. On the last leg of the escort, the horde always spawns from the same holes. You can send one person to each hole and kill them single file.

  1. Use the HUD – I don't understand why people go looking for the tome/grim when someone in the party is already carrying it, it saves time.

  2. It's generally not a good idea to move forward if a horde is triggered because you might aggro a boss.

  3. Pick up everything – If you have NB, you can carry healing items for others. Speed potions aren't that useless and if you have an empty slot might as well use it. Take medkits over healing droughts.

  4. Class levels aren't everything because you can't tell what people's item levels are. Unless it's significantly low where they can't stagger or cleave enough, a person's mechanics are much more important.

  5. Whenever you're fighting multiple enemies, it never hurts to block immediately after striking and looking around. Also, if you're caught in the open by a horde, I personally think it's better to stagger side by side to split the horde up and prevent them from forming a concave.

  6. If you were just near an ammo box and a horde triggers or a boss aggros, it's not the end of the world to just fall back to the ammo box and shoot anything that moves.

  7. If you get a teammate who just wants to be on point, then it might be better to just sit back and watch the flank for specials. I always don't cross a one way path until everyone crosses, I keep my ranged weapon up in case something tries to pick a teammate off.

  8. Bosses – Attack if it isn't aggro'd onto you, but be ready to block and dodge between it's attack patterns. Again, don't push forward, bring it back to an open spot you've already cleared. Don't stand near ledges and make sure you have room behind you to dodge.

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