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Top 5 Legend Wipe Locations.

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Disclaimer : This is just a collection of events which may or may have not been inspired by my own experience playing Vermintide 2. I love the game, and all that follows is part of what makes the game great. 😉

In today's Top 5 episode, we'll have a look at our most Brutal, Ruthless, Mercyless Top 5 Legend Wipe Locations !

  • NUMBER 5

CONVOCATION OF DECAY, Spiralling staircase : These stairs go down. They still go down. Oh, there's 10 plague monks waiting for you in that narrow tunnel. And a Troll walking swaggily behind them. And a few Stormvermins. These stairs go up ? The hyperstacked horde coming down would like a word with you. Here, the Waystalker Elf shooting his hagbane just exploded a fire barrel laying in this tiny, crowded area, so you had to dodge into the small gated cave, where a packmaster is gently puting you to hang up dry. Nice try though, you were nearly at the end of the map.

  • NUMBER 4

SKITTERGATE, Camp after the Gatekeeper : It's a Chaos camp. There are Chaos Warriors everywhere around. Some Maulers too. A lot of Marauders, of course. It's a bit windy. Yeah, that's the 2 Blightstormer casting from the other side of the camp, behind towers, gates and stuff. Your group just got split in half, and a horde is coming too. You have nowhere to hide but up. You're flying, losing half your health, and landing into previously unaggroed Chaos Warriors. Your group had less chance, they just got pincered between the horde and the second storm, while a few specials invited themselves to the party. Congratulations, you just wasted 20 minutes, killing 2 bosses and 1000 enemies for 400 XP.

  • NUMBER 3

HUNGER IN THE DARK, The Dark : Let's push this cart in this totally pitch black cave. I thought I heard a Rat Ogre. Oh no it's OK, it was just a few Shielded Stormvermin. And a six Plague Monks. And a Blightstormer plus an assassin you cannot see nor ping in the dark. Oh, it looks like your cart just stirred up a horde. You can't see shit and your group is splitting in all directions. But I have a good news. You hears didn't betray you : there was indeed a Rat Ogre somwhere in that tunnel. It just put your Pyromancer Sienna to sleep with a smash. And the overhead from this Stormvermin you couldn't see just did the same to you. Good night sweet prince.

  • NUMBER 2

ATHEL YENLUI, Athel Yenlui : Hopefully it'll be over soon. You'll probably get a troll in the first ravine, which all your team will scramble down to fight. Except Slayer Bardin, who got hooked upstairs. Could go well, a Witch Hunter Captain, a Footknight, and a Battle Wizard versus a Troll. Could go wrong, as you cannot shoot the 2 Blightstormers casting from the other continent, the assassin pouncing from above you, and the hookrat coming back inside a horde. Shit happens, better luck with Quickplay map selection next time mate.

  • NUMBER 1

AGAINST THE GRAIN, First Barn : No wonder the Ratmen and Northlanders decided to capture these farms. Just in this first barn, it's a wonder all the stuff you can fit in ! Behind these doors, there's a Chaos Spawn, 6 Maulers, 9 Berserkers, and 15 Marauders waiting for you. Wait, is that a Chaos patrol guarding this barn ? With all the treasure that's inside, of course it is ! By the way, this horde will also bring with it all the stuff you didn't kill in the first field. At least you can kite for a while, until the specials come in. Oh well, on to finding another group…

They didn't make the Top 5, but honorable mentions to :

  • Hailspurge, Skarrik, Bodvarr and Rasknitt, because your team comp either has no ranged damage, or no damage against armor.

  • The Boss That Will Spawn In The Swamp Before The Drop To The Monolith on Festering Ground, because you don't know your dodge range is halved while fighting knee-deep in the bog.

Feel free to share your own horror stories too ! 😉

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