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tranquility needs some love

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I just dont get the intention/ purpose of that passive, especially when I compare it to that of other classes. Tranquility seems to have a hefty downside for no reason.

Let us take a look at some of the other classes before talking about Battle Wizard to see where i am coming from:

Bounty hunter: Can refresh his passive with a meele kill or after 10 seconds. Even if the screws up entirely and takes a bunch of hits WITHOUT killing a single slave rat, his passive will still recharge. No downsides.

Ironbreaker: Lets say the IB specced into +50% stamina regen when gromril is active. So as long as he does not get hit, he has +50% stamina regen.

And if he gets hit? – Well at least the passive absorbed the first hit. So, while getting hit is not great the overall outcome is still positive.

Now onto the Battle Wizard: You have to NOT use your ranged weapon and play ABSOLUTLY flawless in melee combat in order to get any benefit at all.


And for all that do not know : Getting pushed by enemies, does 0 damage, but still resets/triggers Gromril/Tranquility. So one push and it is back on cooldown. You did not even take damage, but still get nothing.

I am even more confused by the fact that venting on temp health or relying on traits are already fast and simple ways to get rid of it ? Why would I even bother with this clunky passive if I can just vent and get back to shooting long before tranquility would ever come up?

I admit that battle wizard is by far my least played class and I do not know anybody that actively play it. So I would really appreciate a few more opinions on that matter. Am I overlooking something or is it really that clunky ?

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