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warhammer 10 - Troubles in Champion

Hey Redditors

I was hoping for some advice, help and tips as me and my regular gaming friends are struggling to make the jump to champion difficulty. This may seem laughable to some of you, but there we are. We can cruise Veteran (3/2) no problem, but really struggle to complete missions on Champion, even without grims. We're all 30 somethings with busy jobs/kids etc and only get on once a week so "gitgud" or "practice harder" isn't really a solution, even if it is the long term problem! We need workable advice on combat, party play and makeup, builds, weapons please. There are 6 of us who rotate, and almost everyone has 1 character at L30 with gear close to/at 300. Party composition is as follows:

Dwarf Slayer

Elf Waystalker


Kruber Merc

(another) Dwarf Slayer

Saltzpyre (BH) or Kruber (FS)

I have Saltzpyre and Sienna, which tend to be BH and Pyro. I can't quite get the hang of zealot/UC.

Me and the penultimate guy are the flex slots depending on who is online. We have had some small successes, but it's got to the stage when the game feels very annoying. Vet too easy, Champ too hard. How do you guys do it? I'll direct all the guys to this thread, so any links to builds, guides or strategy ideas will be much appreciated.

Many many thanks in advance.


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