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Considering there's going to be a contest I actually recalled that there's twitch mode and tried to use it just to make the game more fun and it kinda worked. I created a twitch channel (because it's not possible to use twitch mode without it) so obviously I had no viewers and everything we got was decided by random.

In general, it does make the game more fun and sometimes gives nice difficulty spikes such as when the game decides to give you an extra boss on top of the lord you're already fighting (and I like it).

However, there are a couple of things about twitch mode which imo could be changed to make it more fun and better.

First of all, when you use twitch mode you can't use quickplay. And I'm not talking about QP bonus but rather about ability to play random maps. With twitch mode you have to select the map manually, which isn't necessarily a bad thing on itself, but it takes away from that neat part of QP where you don't know what to expect. When the host selects a specific map you can adjust your build accordingly which makes the game quite a bit more predictable and easy. An option to just use random map with or without QP bonus would be nice.

Second, some twitch mode modifiers are not really engaging imo, and sometimes you get multiple of them in a row. Take a look at this list:



This list is not full (and is outdated), but there are 26+ modifiers total, and 8 of them is just one item being given to a selected player and 5 of them is just different buffs, and to be honest, these rolls are not fun to have at all. Sometimes you get say a potion, then medical supplies, and then some boon, which is 3 minutes of downtime in total (minimum of 30 seconds of voting + 30 seconds between votes multiplied by 3). Considering that the game/viewers may decide to give the players an explosive bomb or some potion when we all already have one, it basically does absolutely nothing. Same for med supplies when everyone is full HP and have no slots.

I'm sort of biased because I want more challenge, but an option to remove positive modifiers would also be nice to have. Or may be an option to reduce the time between rolls and may be vote times, currently you can't make them less than 30 seconds (which is 1 minute per roll in total). At the very least an option to reduce times between rolls after you get good ones so there's less downtime.

Also, regarding modifiers, there are two of them which are not on the list and which could use some work. First one spawns about 3-4 chaos warriors around the group in random spots – and some of them usually spawn far behind so they're not even aggroed and won't be aggroed. Those who spawn in front are generally far enough from each other to possess any kind of threat to a half decent group unless there's a lot of other stuff happening like horde+boss. Imo, it's better to spawn a group of them on the path of players without chaning total amount.

The other modifier not on the list is basically the same thing but with stormvermin. And no, it doesn't seem to spawn more of them, so there are just 3-4 stormvermin in random spots around the group half of which you can just ignore, which is no fun.

Finally, this last one is probably never going to be implemented, but what about being able to play deeds with twitch mode on?

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