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Two-Handed Hammer breakpoints

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Hi guys! I'm new to reddit so this is my first topic here 🙂 I'm playing as an Ironbreaker and just recently started legend runs. Being an experienced player, I decided to use a mentioned weapon because I can support team and myself with constant horde stuns(and evade a lot of potential damage coz I suck in dodging). I saw that charged sweep can do a 14 (1400) damage to a dummy, so I decided to gather 20% with chaos and 10% with inf to one-shot clan-rats and fanatics with my sweeps. Yesterday I finally got a red charm, re-rolled it to chaos/inf and re-rolled my perfect orange greathammer(+2 stamina, +5% atackspeed, oh what a fool I was to not craft a new hammer for this) to +10% chaos, +1 stamina. So I was happy coz I thought I crossed the 18 damage breakpoint for chaos and 15 for rats. Today for some reason I decided to check my calculations using the popular spreadsheet and calculator(this one https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/8kh0fu/weapon_damage_breakpoint_calculator_patch_1081/), I was shocked to see that the real sweep damage was not 14.00 but 12.75. Now my world is ruined and I mourn for my perfect orange hammer. So, as I understand, the dummy values are crap. What I should roll now? What charm and greathammer stats are ideal(meta) for ironbreaker? Maybe I should switch to greataxe, coz as I understand, I can one-shot-push-attack fanatics with my chaos/inf charm and I see this as a very sweet breakpoint. Sorry for my English and thank you in advance for your advice, guys!


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