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Ultimate Swag Saltzpyre needs a buff (WHC)

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TLDR at the bottom, you short attention span monkeys. <3

I keep seeing discussion on people saying that there are these underused classes, and that they are either super strong and nobody knows about them, or they are absolute dumpster fires. WHC seems to always come up, and after playing hours and hours of Saltypants, I have to agree. So here is how I look at it: Sure, anyone who can play like Jsat and the gang, can take ANY class and beat any level. Hell he even has a video of WHC Twitch intervention. In theory, you can chop down a tree with a butter knife, but that doesn't make it a great plan.

In the closed Beta, WHC's 8% crit on elite kill was 20%. And his ult started off at 10 second duration, and could be bumped to like 14-16 seconds. I dont know if giving those back to him would make him useful. I dont know if more health would do the trick. Maybe something else, maybe both.


What I do see alot in these discussion, is people argue that he this great support character that gives the team all these damage buffs, ect, ect. So riddle me this? How is 20% more dmg on ping, more "supportive to the team" then Bounty Hunter clearing the map of elites, rapid fire cross bow style? How is WHC more supportive then Zealot taking rapier or axe and smashing hordes like its nobody business, meanwhile living in a white health paradise. In this games current meta, which some people may or may not like, a strong offence is better then a strong defense. If you want to help your team, kill things fast and efficiently. If player skill isn't a variable in this discussion, and you are going to be paid $1000 in McNuggets, which Saltzpyre career do you want "supporting" you? Because playing a map, without elites (BH) seems the way to go to me. Does that mean BH is OP? Probably yeah? But id rather see WHC become more enjoyable before we start looking at effective ways to bring BH in line, while still keeping him fun to play.

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  1. WHC is not the best career of Saltzpyre (duh)
  2. WHC is not the best "support" career of Saltzpyre
  3. McNuggets are delicious, and if you bring BH to help me win them, I will share them with you.
  4. I fu*king love this game, and cant stop playing it. I think the devs are great, and I look forward to more balance changes in the future.
  5. See you on the killing fields, you sexy heretics

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