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Umgak Weaponry

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Hi, in advance I’d like to apologise for any formatting errors or the like but this is my first reddit post ever. I'd also like to preemptively apologise in case i broke some reddit taboo by including too many pictures, I've never used the mobile app.

In all honesty though the issue I have is of little consequence, but its something that’s been consistently annoying me since launch and it is…

Dodgy Weapon Textures

Exhibit A:

A weapon acquired today from a Legend Emperor's vault

The Flavour text reads:

Pretty nifty

Sounds like an impressive blade.

But hang on, something doesn't seem right


This can hardly be such an impressive sword, it's filthy! Why is it so stained and shabby? It's an elven blade, it should be gleaming, shouldn't it?

Similar shabbiness can be seen on other weapons too, most noticeably on bladed weapons made from large single pieces of metal.

Saltzpyre's falchion:


Kruber's 2hander:

This one, I think, highlights how they look even worse in third person or when viewed by another player

Why do they look so beaten and tarnished? Do our heroes not care for their weapons? Surely you'd only need to run an oily rag down it every now and then to keep it clean.

Let me go back to that picture of the flachion and compare to the falchion in vermintide 1.

Vermintide 2:




Vermintide 1:

shiny! –

– but rugged.

Comparatively, the falchion in vermintide 1 is the much healthier looking blade, its battle worn, with various dinks and scratches, but it gleams from a good clean and looks well maintained.

I’d like to say that the falchion from vermintide 2 looks ill-maintained, but to be honest, it doesn't even look real. I don’t know what kind of grime can look like that, or what kind of impurity in the iron can make those marks during forging, but it looks like a video game fabrication, which, of course, it is. But I’m not supposed to think that! I’m supposed to believe the weapon in my character’s hand could be real.

I suppose the intent was to make the world seem more dilapidated since the previous installment, and with the introduction of the rotbloods, ramp up the griminess factor. But I think the playable characters should be exempt from this treatment. Firstly, these textures just look ugly, and they make me less excited to get a new red weapon.

Secondly, and more importantly, the characters that we play as are (comparatively speaking) paragons. Clean of the filth and the debauchery the skaven and rotbloods exist within. They should be gleaming, and their weapons should be polished. Its the contrast, you know?

I don’t know if this is just a me thing, but I do have a suspicion that I’m just making a fuss out of nothing. What are you guys’ thoughts?

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