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Unchained Legend Gear?

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Now, I'm fully aware there's a lot of debate on unchained (some saying it's worthless vs pyro and others saying it's overpowered), but it's my favorite class and I'd like some advice on what my typical role should be. Some friends and I have started doing legend recently and it's been fun overall. Our typical combo has been great overall (we got through champion without any issue really), but we're struggling a bit now in legend and I feel that I could have some improvements in my build/playstyle. I'm curious about what the best weapon combo/stats are, or at least a general idea about pros and cons.

I've used the beam staff/sword up to this point. My gear:

  • Sword – stamina/crit power increase push strength
  • beam – crit chance/power vs monsters reduce overcharge on crit
  • necklace – health/area damage reduction heal ally and yourself
  • charm – power vs monsters/attack speed chance to not consume potion
  • trinket – cooldown/curse reduction chance to not consume grenade

What my friends run to the best of my memory:

  • Shade (not sure of weapons)
  • Mercenary – either 2 handed sword or halberd
  • Ironbreaker – drakegun and i think hammer and shield

Now I've seen my share of builds and some are outdated, and some have vastly different playstyles. I've read about using her as a primary ranged character, then just blocking/meleeing to vent. Likewise that she's melee only with use of staves. What's an optimal role for her to play? Is she a frontliner or in the middle of the team sniping specials?

And while I'm posting, why is the mace regarded as being good? I've forced myself to use it quite a few times and for the life of me I just don't feel the effectiveness of it. I get that it can like 2 shot stormvermin, but when it comes to close combat for more than 1 enemy, I feel it falls short of the sword/flamesword or the dagger. Can someone explain I guess the proper procedure about using it to it's fullest potential?

Sorry for the long post, figured I'd just post everything I can think of at once

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