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Understanding Zealot’s Fiery Faith (possible bug)

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So I recently picked up Zealot and I am tinkering around my curse resistence just to figure out how much of that I need in order to get 4 stacks of "Fiery Faith", while keeping as much health as possible.

The description for Fiery Faith reads: "Power increases by 5% for every 25 health missing".

With a 20% increase to health, given by a property from a necklace, Zealot has a total of 180 health. Which means that technically the sweet spot should be 80 health left, while carrying 2 grimoires. With 100 health missing, Fiery Faith should stack 4 times.

However, I just played a game with a trinket with 30.8% curse resistence. With 2 grimoires, my health was exactly 105 of 180. I was missing exactly 75 health.

According to Fiery Faith's description, that should grant me 3 stacks. Unfortunately, I had only 2. Which means that either this passive ability is bugged, or the description is incorrect.


Is anyone familiar with this?

Edit – Searching around a bit, I found out that the description is indeed incorrect. You get a stack only at flat breakpoints. Any experienced Zealot can enlighten me on the optimal curse resistance vaule?

Edit 2 – At 93.x of 180 health (19.8% CR) we get 3 stacks. At 103.x of 180 (28.6% CR) we get only 2 stacks.

At 98.x of 180 (24.2% CR) we get 3 stacks.

This leads me to assume the breakpoint for these 3 stacks is 100.0 hp.

99.5 hp with 25.6% CR.

You pass from 1 to 2 stacks at 124/180 health. From 2 to 3 at 99/180 health. I assume you go from 3 to 4 at 74/180 health then.

So the game skims 5 hp from your health pool for some reason. Finally figured it out.

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