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Undocumented 1.2 Beta Changes

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Because this is a FS patch after all. (We love you, this is a great patch)

I wanted to make a thread where people can call out changes not included in the patch notes. Whether they were completely unmentioned or glossed over with phrases like "graphical updates" and "level improvements."

Some of the things I've noticed, feel free to add more.


-Homing skills (pyro+WS) acquire targets (red highlight when holding F button and aiming) and drop them much more quickly.

-Homing skills will immediately target the nearest enemy if not targeted and will not travel a fair distance then veer off. This makes it more difficult to fire around corners.

-Pyro skill will pass through fewer enemies before stopping


-There is a new board that makes the third tome jump on empire much easier.


-There is a plank and invisible wall blocking the side ledge of the dropdown after the ogre cages on Into the Nest. You can no longer jump back up after dropping down.

-The fire pit in the war camp does damage if you stand in it

-The ledge on the escape of War Camp (after killing the Champion) will now cause you to grab it and require help rather than letting you jump and take fall damage. (This really messed up our foot knight who always jumps off this. There is a dropdown and you can't get back up.)


-Loot screens are much faster

-Hit flashes are much brighter (and obnoxious)

-Blood decals are turned on

-There appear to be more special spawns (or likely that optimization has improved host computer's processing combined with the known issue that the AI will spawn more specials on hosts with higher computer specs)

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