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Undocumented changes makes you wonder if things are bugged or were just changed in a whim

chivalry medieval warfare 01 1024x576 - Undocumented changes makes you wonder if things are bugged or were just changed in a whim

Since the DLC patches lots of things have been changed without actually being stipulated on patch notes, this is a terrible practice that many developers adopt and in games like Vermintide, in which bugs are common it leaves you wondering if it's an actual change or something bugged out. It makes it harder to realize if something is being balanced or something went wrong.

Some things I have noticed since the DLC patch:

  • Monsters are extremely squishy.
  • Monster can switch aggro at will and it's a lot harder to keep them locked on you (nice change btw).
  • Ambushes were changed so there's more spots where enemies can spawn from (nice change, but since maps were not tweaked to reflect this, trash mobs are popping up from solid rock/ground/walls).
  • The whole mess with Kerillian/Kruber's longbows, both ended up different than it was before DLC patch without any notes regarding these changes.
  • Maps with new collision issues that both appeared and were fixed with no notes (notable one in Against the Grain where you could clip into a new rock, was stealthily fixed).
  • Mobs seem to have gotten (higher?) damage/stagger resistance when climbing ledges, which means they can be fully moving and attack you even tho you were pushing them/attacking them half a second ago, meaning you trade without being your fault.
  • Trash mobs doing running attacks out of standing position, after dropping from a ledge and after climbing a ledge. Quite the terrible change since it makes you trade randomly when there's no proper telegraphing and the situation doesn't give you a clue a running attack can happen.
  • Stagger was increased across the board, making the game easier across the board, weapons that had high speed/high mobility and low stagger are pretty braindead to use atm (dual daggers, sword and dagger are the more noticeable ones, little need to push and dodge vs pre-DLC). Push strength was supposed to be buffed, nothing was mentioned on stagger.
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This is not even touching the feeling that we are playing on a version built over something older than what was live before the DLC patch since we see older behavior and old bugs popping up again.


But to the topic, undocumented changes are terrible, the game is currently a lot easier and that's not a good thing. It's boring, Legend is easy since hordes can be managed with anything (not like it was a major threat before but now it's just effortless) and bosses are only a threat when they spawn on very narrow spaces, the increase in stagger made it so there's no need to think about your weapons much since they all require little effort to use. At the same time, the trash mob changes make it irritating to trade hits when you can't do anything about it because they ignore stagger when transitioning ledges or randomly do running attacks, makes you wonder if this was made to balance the increased stagger.

Document your changes, be clear about them, depth through obscurity it's both lazy and just serves to annoy players that expect the game to behave as they've learned for several hundred hours already.

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