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Unpopular Opinion: Beam Staff Shouldn’t Snipe

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I'll be honest, I didn't like when they added this to beam staff in the original game (unless it had it the whole time, I can't remember). It just seemed weird, out of place for the theme, and felt like a band aid fix, it was literally just coded as a handgun if I remember correctly.

I always used to try making just beaming things to death work, and it always disappointed. Beam was never actually a beam staff, it was a handgun with a shotgun feature, a really powerful handgun, massive damage, super fast, no reload, no ammo, and laser guided. The beam itself was pretty worthless because it took too long to ramp and it was very dangerous to ramp, so it was only good for side dps'ing a rat ogre.

Beam staff should just lose the explosion and instead focus on the beam part. It's a lot stronger in VT2 due to the extra upfront ticks and power being broken, however after the power fixes, they could rework/buff it a bit to make up for the lack of explosions.


Have beam ramp up over its channel instead of ramping on each target, have it penetrate the longer it ramps up, remove its ability to stagger, let it focus more on burn and do well on armor. It can still "snipe" specials from really far, but it should just take a couple seconds.

Perhaps replace the beam right click explosion with a right click that fast forwards the ramp at the cost of extra heat for clutch moments. Reduce the damage on the shotgun part, but give it really powerful stagger so its more of a cc tool.

The bolt staff should be the sniping staff, buff it so it can do this role better. Beam staff can be the well-rounded staff in that it can still kill specials from afar (just takes longer/more effort) and do good aoe on linear enemies, and good crowd control with the shotgun blast. Instead of it being literally the best at everything.

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Put the beam back in beam staff.

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