Warhammer: Vermintide

Unwritten tips for newer players (PC)

warhammer 3 - Unwritten tips for newer players (PC)

Some of these are hero specific, some universal. These are just a few my friends and I have found by either ourselves or from another player and the list is not comprehensive, I bet there are others yet, so please feel free to add more in the comments below.

  • Block Cancel – Every weapon has an attack pattern, for instance, halberd has a light attack pattern of diagonal swipe, stab and vertical overhead. This pattern repeats when light attack is pressed repeatedly. Sometimes, however, it's more beneficial to use only that diagonal swipe. After your first swing you can hit block to reset the attack pattern, making your next attack another diagonal swipe. Light attack, block, light attack, block to reproduce this.
  • Career Special Ability during "cast time" uses – There are few cast time uses in the game, for instance using a medkit, reviving a downed player, turning Athel Yenlui discs, sounding Horn of Magnus are what I call a cast time use in lack of a better term. You can initiate your career special ability, or ultimate ability as some people call it without breaking the cast time of a use. For example as a Battle Wizard you can start reviving a player or using a medkit on someone and use ult (on PC default key F) while keeping the use key (on PC default key E) pressed, and teleport away still reviving/applying medkit. This is very efficient way of healing or revving during chaotic situations.
  • Dodge Jump – First, you should rebind your default keys so that you have different keybind for jumping and for dodging. Dodge gives you speed for a moment, followed by a slow for shorter moment. You can overcome this slow if jump instantly after a dodge. While "airborne" your movement speed is default, not sped up nor hindered, so this way you won't be getting the slow after the dodge.
  • Finger Rolling – This tip is quite hard to explain. If you use a bow or a staff and shoot loaded shots, you can achieve faster attack speed if you roll your finger from mouse 2 to mouse 1, let go, mouse 2 -> roll to mouse 1, let go.
  • Slayer Quad Axe Speed / 2h Hammer Q cancelling – If you equip dual axes, you might've noticed that during the first light attack of the dual axe attack pattern Bardin moves faster forward. If you equip 2 pairs of these and press Q to swap your axes and attack in rapid succession, you can keep up this faster movement speed. This also works with 2 x 2h Hammers light attack. You can attack a lot faster if you press Q to swap to another 2h hammer right as your first hammer attack lands.
  • Grudgeraker Bash + Reload – If you've shot at least one shot from your GR, and you have spare ammo left that allows you to perform reload, you can instead opt to use bash and cancel with reload (on PC default key R). When used in rapid succession, your bash speed increases a lot. You can literally become a bashing plow through the hordes. Keep in mind that bash has little to no effect on armored and shielded enemies, so watch out when plowing. Adds up with swift slaying buff from your melee weapon for extra spice.


For more detailed information how to apply some of these mechanics, and to improve your gameplay in its entirety, I suggest searching youtube for j_sat and SneakyPanda. Happy slaying.

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