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Update on the upcoming patch from Steam Discussion

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Robin made this post on the Steam Discussions about 1 hour ago here.

Just thought I'd add an update.

We understand that a lot of you are worried and why you would be. We have spent all day just playtesting playtesting playtesting with those of us that have played the game from our at home accounts the most (our non-game designers) to get an idea of how different this experience is from the live version of the game.

We understand that completely altering the balance and making players that used to be able to play champion not be able to play champion (and the same for legend) is not ideal. But keeping this version of the game where only few weapons are meta viable isn't really either. We have identified some things that have difficulty spiked a bit and are fine tuning this to not make the change as jarring. The meta will likely change a bit as certain under played weapons and careers will become a bit more viable and for those of you at 600 hero power level that like crushing recruit solo, well, you'll find it a little bit more of a challenge. We are not 100% sure yet when the change will go live on the main game and will have to make a call if it's before easter or not tomorrow as well as are contemplating putting this on a beta branch. The argument for putting it on a beta is obvious, to get more feedback before forcing it upon everybody while the argument against is that it also delays the fixes to all the broken talents and other bug fixes this build brings.

We'll just have to see. Sorry for not being able to give a more definite answer, but I can just assure you all that we take this very seriously and the last thing we want to do is make the game less enjoyable for our players.


My personal review of it so far is rather optimistic. I'm more optimistic about the change itself on a fun scale than the reactions to this post. Having at least one character focus on being good at wave clearing seems a lot more vital now and spamming light attacks against all opponents definitely is a less viable strategy so I've definitely been having more fun with the changes, but I also know that not every player has my play style or appreciates the same types of challenges that I do so we'll see. However we do it, we'll have to keep monitoring how the changes fall out. With the scaling in place it's at least possible for our game designers to easily fine tune the balance for the entire game by tweaking the scaling, where without it's a ton more time consuming.

We're also pursuing other parallel solutions we can use so we still can make the reward/effort ratio be the same or better even if the game in the end becomes harder. I know that is vague af, but until we have any final decisions I can't say more so nobody feels baited in case it does not turn out that way.

edit: Oh and btw, if this wasn't clear. We discovered this mess late in the afternoon yesterday. That's why we don't have a super duper master plan yet of how to deal with this. Normally we prefer not to talk publicly until we have a solution, but we felt this was so severe that we felt we had to be open about this as soon as humanly possible to be fully transparent. We wanted to have a solution live in the game as well before easter as possible to give us time to hotfix any unexpected side effects and get these critical bug fixes to power level fixed before the extended weekend. This time window is closing rapidly, so we'll just have to see what happens.

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