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useful (?) info about % power vs […]

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i just want to post some random information on % power vs <...> that i find can help choosing the right properties.

1) power vs chaos and power vs skaven are generally speaking superior over other types of power vs <..> since they each cover by far the most enemys and are most versatile (i believe they also work vs lords, that power vs monsters does NOT)

2) power vs skaven is ALWAYS BETTER than power vs armored!
reason: the only armored units in this game are stormvermin, stormvermin captain, shielded stormvermin, ratlin' gunner and flamethrower rat (actually while writing this it came to my mind that stormfiend has armored type arms (?), not 100% sure tho)
still, every single armored unit is a skaven unit.
btw, chaos warriors as well as spinemanglr and bödvar (and the cw boss that transforms into a spawn on skittergate) have boss armor, which is not affected by power vs armored!

3) as a special sniper, you generally speaking profit more off of power vs skaven than off of power vs chaos (or any other type) since most specials are skaven (the only chaos specials are leeches and blightstormers, compared to skaven specials: assassin, packmaster, gas rat, ratlin' gunner, flame thrower)

4) power vs monsters is generally speaking the worst % power vs <..> property since it only affects rat ogre, stormfiend, bile troll and spawn of chaos (of those appear like one or two per game).
additionally keep in mind that since these monsters are huge targets, all of your teammates will hit them. so your 10% damage increase doesnt mean that the boss goes 10% faster down. it only increases your damage (on average your damage dealt is about 25 % of monsters health, so 10 % increase will make it about 27.5%) vs that monster that spawns usually once a game.. SUPER UNDERWHELMING

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i dont really want to adress power vs berserker since imo it only could be benefitial on weapons like blunderbuss to specifically take care of zealots and monks.

i am not sure if power vs <...> will also affect the scaling of cleave and stagger, but IF SO then power vs infantry should definitely be the best damage vs <...> property incase you feel like your weakness is melee combat vs hordes and you want to improve it without changing weapon. (keep in mind that there are some melee weapons that suffer more from chaos hordes than from skaven hordes (bc of higher hp of fanatics chainkilling incoming enemys is harder) so power vs chaos might also do the job)

i want to point out that preferences from above are written based on my personal opinion and experiences and also just generally speaking. ofc there are weapons that profit off of certain power vs <...> more because it might reduce hits required from 3 to 2 or something, also it depends on maps and deeds (and personal playstyle).

EDIT: maulers heads are armored type, giving power vs armor one (unsignificant) advantage over power vs skaven.

in doubt, use power vs skaven or power vs chaos

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