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V2 Idea – Infinite mode

warhammer 5 - V2 Idea - Infinite mode


Countess: Part I: Skills, Weapon, Classes ; Part II: Backstory

Surprised that it took to me so much time, but apparently, all my thoughts are now occupied by the Countess and the new Architects album (Holy Hell). Well, as always – I will hope that the developers will see this and share some bits of information on the stream, once again (although I’ve already got them, I guess (I JUST LOVE THIS GAME)). So, today, without long introductions, immediately to the point.

Heroes enter the Arena. Now it is not particularly important how they get there, it is important how it will be played. I tried (honestly) to make sketches of this Arena, but I didn’t do anything good. Therefore, I will manage the description. Everyone remembers the Warcamp card, namely the small arena where you need to beat the champion? In appearance, I suggest something like this, but of a large size, approximately equal to area on the first map in same mode in the first Vermintide. So, with the size determined, it looks like an existing one, but with walls slightly higher and impressive stands. Spread a number of small shelters to hide from enemies shooting and throwing, and the arena itself should not be absolutely flat. Bodies piled up, small barricades, blocks of stone (if inside a cave or near a rock). I think it would be great if it were inside the cave – once in a certain number of waves, you can “turn off the light” (put out the torches), and a few bosses who watch the fight from their pedestal (and jump off in order to take part in it directly, but not with “lights off for non-payment”), they throw off a couple of torches for this time. The champion at Nurgl is not one, they also can be replaced, so it does not contradict lore, and even the Skaven have enough of their heroes. But, at once I will notice, this point here only for increase in complexity, and it can be increased and in other ways.

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The enemies are the same as usual, but here it is perfectly going the followers of Khorne! Just imagine that you will be hunted Berserkers, eager to give your skulls to his God. Isn't that wonderful? Just let them be small in number, but about half stronger than the existing marauders and warriors of Chaos.

Receiving first-aid kits, potions and other supplies – for points. The more times you buy supplies, the more expensive they are. Example: the first first-aid kit is 100 points, the second is 200, the third is 400, the fourth is 800 and so on. In this case, for the first wave, even playing solo, you can get, say, 70 points. Each character has separate points, as well as the price for all different. The scheme used in the first part seems to me somewhat out of place here, but what if it comes better? Only tests can say this. Why not just do it for the delight of the Dark Gods, is not it?

And now one more goodies – let there be a mode where 4 players can play (as in the first part), and in the second – all 5. All five characters (I hope for the Countess, then six) on one map and from the growth in the number of players proportionally growing number of opponents. That is, in the standard mode, the enemies will attack, for the same wave, less than in the mode where all the characters are at once.

Well, it seems, I described everything that was most important on the first map in this mode. As I understand it, you don’t like too big posts, so I’ll do them in a page format like this. On the second map, there are already little thoughts, but I think about its uniqueness. And there will be another post about the Countess, but, most likely, in early December (there is really a lot of work). If you have something to say – write in the comments. Put a minus to my comments, where I simply explained the situation to the person – meanly. Know it, troll. And then, as we say, «if you behave badly – after death you will get to Russia»)

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