Warhammer: Vermintide

V2 Idea – Talents (Kerillian) and a bit about maps

warhammer 8 - V2 Idea - Talents (Kerillian) and a bit about maps

The Begining.

Countess: Part 1: Skills, Weapons, Classes; Part 2: Backstory.

To be honest, after all the barrage of negativity (mostly, as I understood, from the trolls, because it’s not for me alone that this problem arises here) it was, at first, hard work. You give them a character, and they brand him almost "not a lore friendly". But I am glad that, at least, some of the developers appreciated my efforts and will post all subsequent posts for them) (and hopes that I can, someday, work on this character). I know that there are people who have reasonably criticized (for which they are thankful) and who liked you – I always welcome you, of course. Criticism and discussion – the engine of progress.

Today I'll start with a little perplexity. In the first part there were no skills. That's it at all. In the second part they were added, but bad luck – the players didn’t like it either! How so, only + 5% to attack speed ??? As I said before, I took a neutral position about skills, that is, I don’t like a part, but for the most part, they are not bad. In this post I will pay attention only to Kerrillian, the rest will be later (I will try not to disappear for a long time again), but to warm up a few words about the cards.

Is it difficult to implement different weather conditions? Suppose it is harder to shoot and move in the rain; in the fog, the waves are worse and more often resorted. I, as a person who has never managed to make his game, really interested in this issue. This would make the game play quite well.

There is a skill to increase critical chance by 5%. + 5% to how much? What is the chance initially? 10, 15, 40%? Of course, I may be wrong, and this information is there, but I did not find it in the game itself. Moreover, I propose to redo a chance of critical damage: let it be applied only to vulnerable spots (for most opponents, this is a head). Suppose a 40% chance of causing critical damage when attacking an enemy's vulnerable spot. The situation with + 5% of the attack speed is a bit different – the attack animation, if you look at the time, remains the same, but also increases with the glaive! How so? Apparently, a 5% increase in attack speed is not enough. The next question is why at level 30 there is no choice of skill? In theory, this is the last level, there should be the most powerful gain. I again fantasized a little and came up with them too. Below is a table of skills.

All figures, again, are taken for example and not necessarily exactly 10% or 5%, I give only an example! Minus means that I see no reason to change.


5+10% attack speedopponents notice you at a smaller distance
30+10% attack speed and movement speed, +5% weapon radius+2 arrow for Trueshot Volley+15% bowstring speed, +10% bow damage


Handmaiden (give her a shield, pls!)

5+40% ammo (in game) Why this? Just another Waystalker?
10+20% power, but -10 (or 15)% attack speed
15+10% movement speed
30add extra stamina shield (or two), +30% push range and +10% spear damageWhen hit on five or more targets, it gives another Dash that can be used within two seconds.healing ally also give Handmaiden temporary health by 1/5 of total health, +15% spear damage


5opponents notice you at a very small distance+15% attack speed
10+10% movement speed+15% power for each grimoire
30+25% when attack from behind (yes, same as 15lvl talent)when kill with Infiltration*, enters a rage for 15 seconds, increasing attack speed, damage and movement speed by 10%*Murderous Prowess gives the Shade an aura that frightens the lone skaven (here I broke my whole head, this is the best varinat, write in the comments that it would be better)

Well, that's almost everything. Write what else would have changed in Keryllian and how. And I went on to describe the idea for an infinite mode … I can only say one thing – Arena.


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