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V2 Idea – The Countess as a game character, Part II: Backstory

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First part is here.

And this is the beginig.

By tradition, I will express a little. I was shocked by the first comment to the previous post, the feeling that the person did not even read the post and immediately went to write. Do not do it this way. Many, it seems, did not particularly understand that I would like to convey to them, namely – you can debuff a vampire so that he will be an interesting game character. In the history of the FB put a fat point, so that now you can retreat from lore, within reason, of course. Then there are things like game convention and balance. That is, Kruber, an ordinary person, who almost for a couple of shots kills Champion of Nurgle (hello, Huntsman) is very good, never a strong character, but the vampire, and even the poisoned one, is too strong. I keep silence about the dwarves and elves — the Slayers, if I am not mistaken, were hunting for dragons (and they would be more terrible than a young, poisoned vampire), and elves … We all know which tales go about Argvilon, don't we?

Fuh, steam let out a little, now to the point. From now on, I will write «V2 Idea» in the title of the post – it is immediately clear and who the author is, and that it somehow relates to my vision of this game, which I am trying to convey to you with all my might. It is a pity that many do not appreciate the efforts of other people. In general, while I was at work today, I managed to sketch out the background of the Countess, enjoy (or write again “vampires are too strong, and we don’t see what you are trying to convey to us.” And no, I’m not trying to offend, it’s just annoying).

Manfred, realizing his sophisticated plans, made of imperial aristocrats that they craved power, their puppets. Some he even gave a Bloody kiss. But also those who became vampires also created immortal servants for themselves, if they really needed them. The same happened to the daughter of one, albeit not the most influential, but a perspicacious and cunning aristocrat from Nuln. During the Skaven attack, he died, tortured by rats, and his daughter, Maria de Linessa (it seems, does not violate the lore, although he gives it to Bretonia), for lack of another heir’s father, took the reins of the house into her hands.

She turned out to be much smarter than her father was, but even more was her craving for riches, as well as the hatred of the rats who killed her beloved father. Her subjects quickly multiplied, and gold was filled, rumored to be full rooms, which could not fail to attract some immortals. In pursuit of profit, they planned to set up an accident or even just kill it, until the influence increased so much that it would threaten the positions of agents in Nuln and adjacent territories. But Manfred became interested in her. One of his puppets found out about this and decided to give her a Bloody kiss, submitting to the will of his and his master.

It would have been a long journey to Mary’s heart for an aristocrat from Averheim, Ludwig Altpraum, but when he promised her to donate a weapon for revenge to vile skaven that Maria hated with her whole soul; she did not hesitate in her decision. Since then, her ties have only grown, and Ludwig was forced to return to Averheim, which was only in the hands of the Countess. Then she heard about the warp stone – what skavens need for their nasty guns and magic. Having spent a significant amount of her fortune, Maria got a little stone and began to spread rumors that large quantities of warp stone were delivered to the castle, hoping for the attention of the rats.


And very soon, guided by their diabolical plans and having learned that the new vampire was collecting a warp stone in his castle, the skavens decided to clean it. Gathering a small army, because they opposed only one home of the Empire, after a couple of months, the first attacks began. Instantly appearing out of the ground and destroying villages, a week later they came to the castle, where the Countess's army was waiting for them. But she was very wrong in the calculations – there were too many rats for her small army. Arrogance let down Maria, but rage overshadowed her mind. At midnight, a fierce battle broke out, where the living and raised from the graves fought together against rats. But there were too many enemies and the castle fell at dawn. The Countess herself fought, bringing death to hundreds of skaven and reveling in their dirty blood, but even she had to run when the spells of the priest of the plague and the special poisoned weapons exhausted her strength and the wounds stopped healing. Her bodyguards covered the lady’s retreat, raging more than half of the stormvermins in fury, but the outcome of the battle was a foregone conclusion. Countess Maria von Carstein fled in an unknown direction, cursing the skaven and trying to get rid of their damage.

Years of wandering could not heal her, liters of the blood she drank only support the life quenching in her, but she still retains her former, beautiful facial features, even now with alabaster-white skin. And in her stopped heart, there is only room for hatred and rage. All these years she has been carrying out plans for revenge on dirty creatures. Now, she heard about a squad of three people, an elf and a dwarf, who secretly thwarted plans for rats, killing them with thousands each time he met. Having connected all her charm and intelligence, she will surely be able to convince them that she is a great ally. Trophies obtained during the years of struggle will only prove its effectiveness and determination. And then her revenge will finally come to pass.

As I, approximately, imagine her appearance:

Olesya: Someone is approaching our fortress.
Bardin: We were again found! Well, let's show them how the grungni are fighting in the mountains, ha ha!
Olesya: She is alone and come here not to kill us. Although you will be disgusted by seeing. Especially you, Victor.
Victor: What, another witty or witch? My patience may not be enough.
Olesya: No, worse.
Knock at the gate. The five heroes are tense, although, according to Olesya, there is nothing to fear. Kruber grumbles, but goes first; the others follow him (since in the game the gates are always half-open, the Countess stands behind the closed sash). They do not have time to reach the gate, as a female figure appears in the doorway.
Kruber: Name yourself, stranger!
The Countess comes in and makes a curtsy. Her skin is alabaster white, and her eyes glow with hidden power, which somewhat scares the heroes.
The Countess: Maria von Carstein, the terrible death of the Skaven (as if she spits out the word) and the former glorious Countess Maria de Liness.
Victor: Vampire! Spawn of darkness, kill you on the spot – my sacred duty to Sigmar!
Countess: Kill me – and you lose a valuable ally. I do not need to fight with you, but I have long-time scores with skaven. But, as it is not disagreeable to admit, even I cannot do too much alone. Therefore, I want you to allow me to join your … group, so that I can avenge all the insults and humiliations that brought my family and me these dirty, smelly creatures!

This, of course, is not a complete dialogue and description of the situation, but only a starting point. I am fully aware of who the vampires are and how strong they can be, but this particular vampire is approximately equal in strength to already existing heroes. And thanks to her, you can try to win back her family castle (at least two or three cards already). What for? Suppose that there is a valuable artifact that will help the heroes in their further struggle. I, as before, are open to constructive criticism, but I think that I responded to comments on strength with this brief background.

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