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V2 success tips

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I've a head cold and so I have been engaging in a little solo quickplay play this weekend. Thought I'd share some tips I've learned while doing so.

1) Don't take potions or bombs, especially if someone pings them repeatedly. This is <difficulty level>. You are better than needing those extra items and you are just going to pick up grims/tomes eventually anyway.

2) Don't take ammo when you are low and no one else is, especially if someone pings it repeatedly. All that extra weight will just slow you down.

3) Don't ping enemies. This is <difficulty level>, all players should know where the enemies are. Don't forget that pinged enemies do more damage and move faster.

4) Do use your ammo as fast as possible, especially when you are fighting a regular horde from a good position. Don't want to be weighed down by that stuff and the red/yellow icons show your team how much damage you've done with ranged weapons.


5) Do fire through your teammates constantly, especially during hordes that are under control and against random spawns that are standing around. You are saving them from more damage and it doesn't matter if you do a draught+ worth of damage to each player over the course of the map. They can just get some temp hp.

6) Do run forward as quickly as possible when hordes spawn. Make sure you spawn and aggro as much extra as you can, after all a monster will probably take out a bunch of the horde for you and there is an aggro cap.

7) Do prioritize grims/tomes over successful map completion. Spend a significant amount of time debating who should take these items, especially when team members are down or the team has split.

8) Do go every man (or elf) for themselves when a couple teammates go down. You need to get to your respawned teammates first at all costs (except get any grims and tomes- take your time doing this). Two birds in the bush are worth leaving your one standing teammate as disabler fodder. Remember- you don't have to outrun the bear, just your friends.

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