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i'm not playing vermintide 2 anymore.

nothing to do with you guys, just haven't really been enjoying myself that much anymore, and the performance impact this latest update has pretty much pushed me out of ever playing the game reliably again until i upgrade. which is going to be a while.

this doesn't mean i won't continue to maintain v2verminbuilds. i already talked before about how i need help with doing that and how i only ever got zaphio, the one maintaining the current host domain, and bfir3, the one who originally made verminbuilds, to do so.

i understand no one is under any obligation to work for free to maintain a site that they probably only use for about 5 minutes a month on average, but there are many things about the site that can be changed and fixed to make it a better, more efficient tool for vermintide players. i can't give you these things. all i could do was update the site's information so people could use it again.

i recently got a bug report saying that someone couldn't reliably share their builds with others because their build information was either overwritten or simply deleted. i haven't heard of this happening to anyone else, but if it has happened to you, all i can tell you is to make an account, or make another account if you already have one, and then share your builds like that. the only explanation i can think of for something like this happening is the build information being improperly saved in the database or the database having a bug.

the reason this is such a big deal is that there isn't really much i can do to fix it other than offer you that advice, which leads me to my final point; if you have experience, please consider pushing your ideas and improvements to the v2verminbuilds github page.

you can contact me with bug reports or questions through my reddit account or discord at absolutely#1701 (you have to add me, don't worry i don't bite). thank you and have a happy new year.

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addendum, as there were some people who thought my position on not playing the game anymore was "childish", i'd like to take this opportunity to defend myself, as these people never gave it to me when they were fobbing off talking about it thinking there weren't decent people who would tell me. i'm not against criticism by any means, but i figured i should at least address it.

i do not think vermintide 2 is a bad game. i will never tell someone to not try this game. i never expected infinite enjoyment out of a $30 game, nor did i ever say i would. you can be as defensive as you like, but dropping the game is not something people be shamed for. i never expected the people who responded like they did to be that immature and disgraceful just because someone had a problem with a game and decided it best to just not play it anymore. i've got other things to do, and other games i want to play. i don't have to explain myself or be prepared for a moderated debate for you. i understand those kinds of people thrive off of arguments to try and elevate their intelligence to gain internet good-boy points, but trying that shit with me is never going to work. you're the kind of people that give this community a bad name, and you're the kind of people that others have to warn about. if you have a problem with me, or something i've said or did, you're more than welcome to confront me about it like an adult.

thank you to the ones who told me about those detractors. your anonymity is safe with me, but most of all thank you to everyone else in the community for being vocally supportive of the project, and for just being a fun group of dudes to hang around in general. i hope when you eventually stop playing the game the same turbonerds don't come climbing out of the sewers telling you the same things they never had the courage to tell me to my face.

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