Warhammer: Vermintide

V2Verminbuilds Updated with new Weapons

warhammer 3 - V2Verminbuilds Updated with new Weapons

no breakpoints as of yet, again if anyone would like to contribute please do so here:



transparency shit below

the firebase database was transferred over to my personal account – all builds that did not have an account associated with them were deleted just to make life a little easier. so far haven't heard anything so i guess that was the right call. this was done in collaboration with bfir3 who had to deal with my utter lack of knowledge on this stuff.

what a trooper

the discord was deleted due to a lack of activity and interest. as of now the only way features like searching for and deleting builds is going to be added is if i take up a javascript course, which i would actually love to do were it not for my personal life. as of now the only thing i'm capable of doing is editing stuff and adding weapons/breakpoints.

in regard to searching in particular; apparently because all the builds are stored on firebase, a free storage solution by google, it's difficult to implement a function on the site that could filter build entries because of how they're stored. or something like that. the only other way to implement this would be to transfer all builds to another database that supports filtering, which might then cost money.


the hold-up with breakpoints is that besides going into modded and manually doing every weapon to determine their new effectiveness, i would need to get a hold of a way to poke through the game's source code on github and find the numbers i need to update the tables. i know someone has done this before, and bfir3 told me who it was, but i can't remember. lmao.

if you're that guy and you want to help, it would be much appreciated.

it's not that big a deal though since things like the breakpoint calculator exist, but for me to add all this stuff, i'd need a good deal of time to learn and experiment, which is why it's an open source project, so someone who knows what they're doing can propose changes and add them as they see fit.

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i know this all sounds bad but the site's doing fine otherwise. if the domain were to go down for any reason, it can easily be hosted on github for free. so far, asides from a few bugs, the site's running like it always has.

if you have something to add or contribute in any way feel free to contact me here or on discord @ absolutely#1701

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