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Verm 1 guides on enemies and tactics, containing lots of useful info for Verm 2

chivalry screenshot1 - Verm 1 guides on enemies and tactics, containing lots of useful info for Verm 2

First let me introduce myself. I've played Verm 1 since release (october 2015), have 1800 hours there.

Carrying cata pubs was my prevalent way of playing.


Many hundreds of hours i've put into exploring the game mechanics, writing guides. The steam guide was the work of my passion:



I was nothing but thorough, if i'm to advice other players, on different loadouts&weapons, i had to master it and know inside and outs.

Observing enemies, to make out new useful tricks and tips.


Now i'm clocking 250 hours in Verm 2. The game is great, varied, and requires even more skill and coordination (on legend that is).

However, currently legend pubs have very low win ratio, imo. Many players don't know how to dodge packmasters (in a reliable way at least), how to fight hordes as a team, the list goes on.

My intent is to make pub experience for everyone and myself more enjoyable, that's why i'm sharing this video guide series i've made for the first game.


Anyone who played the first game long enough knows, how much similar the two games are in terms of core melee combat mechanics. Skaven units are almost the same.

So watching through the video series you have a good chance of getting new tricks up your sleeve, or getting knowledge to avoid fails in the future.


I think that bringing the focus on enemy movement and behaviour patterns – is on its own a good direction for players. Analyze each enemy separately, know their weaknes and strengths, ways to dodge and kill, and when you get hit by mixed enemy spam, you'll know better how to handle them all, what enemy is a priority.



Okay, to the link itself:

Watch starting from 2nd guide, to the 5th. 5th is actually more basic guide, and have basic teamplay tips.

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The rough list of what is still actual in the video series (in chronological order):

  • Slave/clanrats and stormvermins still lean back on standing attacks, making it harder to reach them

  • Slaverats are still low height targets and harder to hit multiple of them with diagonal swings

  • How to headshot stormvermins using push or their attack animations

  • How to headshot, melee and dodge ogre

  • How to reliably evade assassin leap at any distance, and even push him mid-air

  • How to dodge packmaster grab, even with low-mobility weapon and under pressure

  • How to make rattling less dangerous when you're occupied with a horde

  • What triggers running attacks of trash (and elite) mobs. And the fact that they remember it for a long time

  • Basic dodge-dance with hit-stagger method of killing enemies

  • Using block for abusing slower enemy standing attacks (or reseting running stabs), then dodge back, then engaging

  • Aggro trading tactic with teammates for safe and effective hordeclear


Feel free to ask me questions about Verm 2 mobs and tactics, i'm happy to answer.

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