Warhammer: Vermintide

VerminBuilds Update 2: Videos and Build Sets

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New features:

  • Related video links and embedded video – Sharing a video to showcase a specific build? Just link the VerminBuild URL! Currently supports twitch and youtube URLs.
  • Advanced build management – create sets of builds for any career, each custom URL now represents a build set. If you only want to create one build, that's fine too.
  • Read-only builds – when opening a link to a build, the fields are no longer editable (a clone feature will come)

Up Next:

  • Improved browser compatibility
  • Optional auth system
  • Build browser / searchable database with data such as page views/likes/etc.


  • Build Summary section with detailed stats and modifiers
  • Visual representation of weapon breakpoint data
  • Weapon and Breed data with graphical overviews
  • Mechanics page detailing obscure mechanics

Please Note:

There was a bug in the previous version that caused a lot of firebase document creations when it wasn't intended. This polluted the database heavily, and I actually exceeded my limits on my free account as a result of it. In an effort to restore the database, I've been removing the old records and am using a new document for new builds. As a result any builds that were created since the shorter URL update have been lost. The original very long links still work. I've upgraded my account to pay-as-you-go using the free trial, so things should be fine from here on out, but over the next 24 hours there may be some difficulties with the DB, I'm not entirely sure how it will play out. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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