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VerminBuilds Update 4: Melee Weapon Data

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Right now we are using Legend difficulty and 600 hero power by default, but these will be customizable soon. Eventually, this data will be available in the build page and will use %power buffs from talents and properties to display the breakpoints you are hitting with your buffs. You will find a list of the items planned in future updates below.

The big thing I need to talk about for this update is the build browser. The ability to browse the entire database for any build is really nice, but it was not well programmed or thought out originally. Up until now, VerminBuilds was querying the entire build table from Google Cloud Firestore to populate the data table displayed on the website. It was also preparing that data table regardless of if the user had loaded that tab. This was fine initially when there were less than a hundred builds, or only a few hundred. But as the number grew, this meant that more read operations were being performed every time the website was visited. This became problematic very quickly because with ~10,000 builds on the site, having even just 100 hits in a day means a balooning 1 million read operations. Read operations do not cost very much, but when the numbers are balooning because of an amateur programmer, the numbers can climb. I found all of this out at the start of the month when I received my bill for $167 last month. Luckily, Google has a free trial which I am using that included ~$300 of credits, so I have around half left. Still, this meant I needed a solution quickly so that I can reduce costs to basically 0 in the future.


So here we are, and I've solved the problem by limiting queries to 10 items by default and getting more upon request. For now, I haven't implemented any searching or filtering functionality (this was available before because all of the data was already being loaded), but it is planned. I will be monitoring the situation to ensure I get the number of operations down to reasonable levels. I'm fairly sure that there is no reason we would be above any payment thresholds under normal circumstances. So this is the reduced functionality I mentioned earlier. I hope it won't be too much of an inconvenience for the time being. Thanks for understanding.

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