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Verminscience: The Power & Damage Equations

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So one of the most common questions is how does power and damage work in V2. I have collected some data that might be useful to the community. I am not particularly knowledgeable about data analysis; this is mostly just a hobby of mine to try to figure things out. Also this is not the end all be all, there is a lot more data to be collected before we can have any degree of certainty, but this is what I have started with and it might be helpful for other people. I am not making claims that this is correct, this is just a data point, nothing more nothing less.


Power = herolevel*10 + sumofitempower/5

All of these numbers are integers, so power will always round down. I am not the first person to figure this out, there was a big thread on the beta forums where other people came to the same conclusion independently. But knowing how to calculate your power number does not actually help you much, what you really want to know is how power influences damage. To that end, I measured the damage of specific weapons against the unarmored training dummy over a range of possible power values.



I did this on Sienna with a variety of weapons plotted the results. This was collected at level 16 Here is a graph of Elf 1HS damage including levels 1-30
With this graph you can see that damage seems to scale linearly throughout most of the levelling process. I had to ask a friend for the upper end of the graph, but you can see that the progression above level 10 certainly looks to be linear with an r2 of .99. I don’t have data points for the bottom half of the graph for anything except level 1, and for the region in between the other sets of data. It is entirely possible that the curve is not linear in those areas.


All this is to lead to the idea that the damage equation might look something like this:

  • Damage = weaponcoefficient ( herolevel * 10 + sumofitempower / 5) + weaponbasedamage

So how do effects like power vs enemytype, criticals, etc work? I don’t know and have not even looked at yet. I have also tried some analytical methods to solve the equation and have a number of possible solutions that are close but not exact. Numerical approximations are the most reliable solutions I have developed thus far.

There are lots of people smarter than me in our community and I am sure we will crack this in no time. If anyone has any data sets they would like to share please do so, especially if we can contrast damage curves across heroes, or if anyone has any other insights.

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