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Vermintide 1: A Re-Review

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After hearing many people proclaim that Vermintide 1 was so much more difficult than Vermintide 2, I decided to gave it a shot myself to find out. I've played Vermintide 1 for quite a bit, and managed to finish all original maps on Cataclysm (with great struggles). I've played Vermintide 2 for nearly 800 hours and have not played Vermintide 1 since last year December. So needles to say, I've forgotten pretty much everything about it.

I decided to pick up my already geared class (the Elf) which has a Glaive and a Longbow.

One of the first things I noticed was how clunky the controls felt. There is no look acceleration, so the turn speed is really slow. The movement speed also feels really slow, almost as if you are crawling through the maps.

After fiddling a bit with my equipment and settings, I jumped into a game, Engines of War. I chose this level mainly because it really stands out in my memory as being ambient, and the ambiance I miss from Vermintide 2. The level is noticeably darker. The game has noticeably less colours and is more grey-ish. There is heavy fog and you can't see much into the distance. Enemies are hard to spot as well for this reason. The map also feels deserted, as in, humanity is gone from here. All this combined does indeed confirm my thoughts' Vermintide 1 is MUCH more ambient than VT2.

Due to the heavy fog, it's more of a surprise what's around the corner, and the desertion of the map adds to the Ambiance greatly. No bright sunny days, no bright colourful clear days, no colourful towns.

Onto the gameplay aspect. The Glaive feels really odd, the attack speed is greatly less than that of VT2. Blocking and pushing also felt really slow. The heavy attack felt even more slow and left me open for so long that I decided to avoid using it as much as possible.

There are not many ambient enemies in the game, and especially no stormvermin. Vermintide 2 often has maps where you might think you are running a vanguard deed instead. There is only a handful of stormvermin in the entire map aside from patrols. Stormvermin do however pose more of a threat in this game, but since they don't pile you with many at once, it's not that big of a problem. Besides, the longbow can 1-shot them. There's also almost no specials. Specials come with 1 or 2 at a time and are well announced by audio ques or teammates. There's no risk of your entire team being disabled at once like in Vermintide 2. The hordes or ambushes in this game are truly laughable. I knew there wasn't as many enemies as in VT2, but after seeing it myself rather than remembering, it feels like a joke. The hordes are probably 10% in size of that those in VT2 are.


Now it is true that you don't get temp hp on every kill in the game, but there is a chance to get REAL hp on every hit AND on every kill depending on your traits. There's also the possibility to get ammo from using both the melee weapons and the ranged weapons. Also, the ammo caps are insane. The longbow holds 60 ammo. 60! It can one shot every enemy in the game too aside from a rat ogre.

Something very noticeable about the game-play is that VT1 allows for much less mistakes. Since there are not many enemies surrounding you at times, the hits that those enemies give you do quite a lot of damage. Think ~30 damage for every hit. And you only have 100 hp! The HP restore works quite well, but you do have to be more careful as in VT2.

All in all, VT2 allows for far more sloppy gameplay and many more mistakes during hordes and ambient trash. But VT2 has more specials, far more enemies and the AI director doesn't give a shit if you're fighting a boss or not. VT1 allows for more consistent victories if you are careful enough yourself. It feels as if VT2 depends more on chance and clutch potential or a group or player.

The bots in VT1 are really dumb btw. They get killed by simply ambient enemies.

In conclusion:
Vermintide 1 is definitely more ambient and the maps feel and play so much better than VT2. You feel immersed immediately, it feels as if you're playing in a world abandoned by humans and everything wants you dead.

VT1 is definitely easier. Almost no specials, a handful of elites (of 1 type only), 1 type of boss, easily tankable and laughable horde sizes. Really OP traits on the weapons and very good trinkets.

VT2 allows for many more mistakes due to temp hp and class abilities/talents.


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