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Vermintide 2 DLC’s: What I Hope To see Going Forward

warhammer 5 - Vermintide 2 DLC's: What I Hope To see Going Forward

So, Back to Ubersreik has been out for about a week now, and it seems the general reception has been very positive (at least from what I've seen). I'm certainly very happy with what we got. Running the new old maps with the introduction of Chaos as well as some challenges has been great, and going back to the spooky, dark and deeply atmospheric streets of Ubersreik has actually been a lot more fun than I expected. I hadn't realized how much I missed the sheer weight of the atmosphere of these few maps, especially Horn of Magnus. I will also say I definitely did not expect to get five new weapons, all of which have been fun (ranging from the "eh, it's pretty cool" of the Hatchet, to the "HOLY SHIT I LOVE THIS" of the Falchxe).

I was actually also perfectly happy with Shadows Over Börgerking, mainly because I was actually buying it for the ability to play the maps on demand whenever I wanted to. The cosmetics were all just icing for me, and recolors though they are, I actually quite like the way they look. For some reason I particularly like the purple Ranger Vet skin.

Anyways, I thought I'd post some thoughts on what I'm personally hoping to see in future DLC's, as well as possibly start up some discussion on what others want, even though I guess quite a lot of it will be fairly obvious.

1. New Weapons

The thing about this is, I still kinda hold to the belief that there really aren't that many weapons we could get that would actually be meaningfully different, although with the new update, I admit that combo weapons were something I hadn't considered. Still, the thing is, while there are hundreds of minor variations of swords, axes, spears, guns etc. that we could have, there are only so many things a weapon can do, and more importantly, there are only so many meaningful combinations of what a weapon can do. There's technically different, and then there's the kind of different that you actually notice and care about.

That said, there are still a couple I feel would genuinely make great additions to the game, by bringing both the cool factor of a shiny new weapon as well as actual meaningful contribution to gameplay.

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The one that I've always championed is the Trollhammer Torpedo, a variant of the Drakegun on the tabletop. This I think is one of the more obvious choices, because it's actually a very unique weapon and it could fill in a very real gap in Bardin's roster of weapons. Bardin is unique among in his deficiency of not having a single ranged weapon that is an actual boss killer. Everyone else has at least one. The Trollhammer, if it followed what it did on the tabletop, is pretty much a purpose-built large target killer. In my mind, this would translate to a low ammo, low rate of fire, medium range, high burst damage weapon that would find it's role in killing things like Chaos Warriors and minibosses/lords. Now, I wouldn't want it to be something that completely removes the threat of those particular enemies, but it should at least be very, very good at doing so. Just keep the effective range fairly short so you can't just snipe Chaos Warriors.


Another possibility could be a purpose built fast anti-armor weapon for Kruber. Sure, he's got the Mace, but that's definitely more of a flex weapon. I'm thinking about an Estoc-style sword, almost entirely thrust oriented, very fast, very mobile, and with very high damage to single targets and armor. The closest comparison would be the 1h Axe.

One other weapon related thing I'd like to see is more unique illusions, and I do mean unique. Things like a Messer style Arming Sword illusion for Krubs, or a full on Dane Axe style blade for one of Bardin's Axes.

2. Maps

Obviously. This is really what I'm here for, honestly. Fatshark has put together some truly amazing maps over the course of V1 and V2, and I just want more. The Pit is in my opinion a fantastic map, and Blightreaper is also great, apart from the lackluster finale. But hey, this is what experimentation is for.

I would definitely like to see more exotic locations, and more variety. While I like that V2 has more variety than the maps of V1 (base game), I do definitely think we need more spooky night maps like we had in V1. Hopefully the dark versions of V2's base game maps become a selectable thing at some point.

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Another thing I'd like to see is Fatshark experiment a bit more with events in maps. They already did this with Blightreaper, but it didn't work out. Like I said however, this is what experimentation is for.

Also: give us more Dwarf Karaks! Cursed Rune and Khazid Kro are some of my all time favorite maps, they are just so damn cool.

3. More "story" elements

This is something I hadn't really even thought about until Back to Ubersreik. I find myself really enjoying the mystery and story aspects of the DLC, and I really hope the Izrakrak pays off in some way. I know story is probably one of the last things most people care about in Vermintide, but damnit, I love this shit.

So that's mostly what I'm hoping for. Like most people here, I am also hoping for changes to be made to dailies, crafting, and deeds, but that's kind of a different topic.

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