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Vermintide 2 has a huge problem with wasting our time

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I'm not talking about defeats, because that still gives you XP. I'm talking about the amount of times the host leaves, or you're disconnected because your connection was slow for a slight second, or a three-man kicks you from the group right before the end. It happens so often, and you get nothing for it. I thought about complaining about this somewhere for a while because it's been so frustrating, it's the main issue that is killing the replayability of the game for me. But each time I thought 'nah, no point complaining, people will just tell me to buckle up'. So the past week I decided to make a record of each of my sessions of gametime. I wanted statistics to see if my anger was actually justified. It's worth mentioning that these have all been in the past week since I started levelling up a new character. I have a 600 power lvl 30 Saltzpyre with two reds, and transferred the reds to my new char, and instantly got 300 uncommons+ for Kruber. After facing enough 'host has left the game' gruelling through legend, i gave up and went to a second character. Because of this, the amount of 'you have been kicked from the game' has increased drastically, probably because seeing a low-level character causes people to knee-jerk votekick. Anyway, here's the copypaste from notepad:

Saturday Vet, lvl1, host left game. Vet, lvl1, host left game. Vet, lvl1, win. Vet, lvl2, kicked from party.

Sunday Vet, lvl2, loss Vet, lvl3, host left game Vet, lvl3, host left game Vet, lvl3, host left game

Monday Champ, lvl3, Kicked from party

Tuesday Vet, lvl3, win Vet, lvl4, win Vet, lvl5, win Champ, lvl5, kicked from party

Wednesday Vet, lvl5, loss Vet, lvl5, win Champ, lvl5, win Champ, lvl7 (previous game got enough xp to just reach a second lvl), host left Champ, lvl7, loss Vet, lvl7, loss Vet, lvl8, kicked from party

Thursday Champ, lvl8, kicked from party Champ, lvl8, host left game Champ, lvl8, host left game Vet, lvl8, kicked from party (this was seconds before teleporter, for no reason) Vet, lvl8, Disconnected (my internet hasn't even dropped, it was simply slow for a few seconds) Champ, lvl8, win Champ, lvl9, win

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Friday Vet, lvl10, win Champ, lvl10, Host left game

Saturday(Today) Champ, lvl10, Host left game Champ, lvl10, Kicked from party Champ, lvl10, Host left game (right before the end) Champ, lvl10, win (i just joined right before the end, lucky me?) Champ, lvl11, win Champ, lvl11, kicked because I asked why our Bardin wasn't picking up any of the healing that was being left behind…


So 15/35 games actually finished with some reward. 11 of them were wins, 4 losses. Of the majority of games that I did not see the end of and had my time wasted, 11 were because the host left, 8 were being kicked because of being low level, and 1 was having a slow internet one night and the game boots you after a really short period of unresponsiveness. I know I have some bad games, but I can solidly say that the for the times I was kicked, only one of them was because I was playing like shit. I was trying the executioner sword for the first time, I usually use halberd and I'm good with it, but that sword I was poor with first time. That lvl5 champ win was with 3 lvl 30s (they were nice thankfully) and I had a better scoreboard than all of them, showed all the tomes/grims to them, and had to 1v1 a bile troll for them when they all went down. I know scoreboard doesn't mean everything, and after playing WHC i knowe to ignore it most of the time, but it's still somewhat of an indicator. I know it's not because I'm all-round bad, I know I'm competent, but the majority of these kicks are because they see my level on a new character and do it within a minute of me joining. If the issue here isn't obvious, how are people meant to level up characters unless they grind through really tedious and dull recruit sessions. My new Kruber had two reds and 310 hero power at lvl1, recruit was boring and I can easily handle Vet until I get my first trait.

57% percent of my games were a complete waste of time. I calculated that percentage as I wrote this post, I always had a feeling that the majority of my games were completely fruitless, hence why I made this post. This percentage is too high. No other game I've ever played has had this sort of issue where you get consistent rewardless matches. Vermintide now feels like a lottery of whether or not I get anything for my time. I've given up levelling a second character because my enthusiasm to progress has wiltered. I'm aware dedicated servers are coming and that should stem the host issue, but I've never been kicked this much in my life. There has to be some community issue here with kicking people before they see them fight. Is there anything that can be done about this votekick system to stop others abusing it? Have they said something about it that I've missed? Am I being way too ambitious with doing Vet and Champ runs on a new character despite the fact I can handle it better some most of these people kicking me?? Is it the fact I do quickplay all the time rather than find lobbies?

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