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Vermintide 2 High Performance Benchmarks

warhammer 7 - Vermintide 2 High Performance Benchmarks

I see quite a few posts on this sub about sub-optimal performance when playing Vermintide 2 and I always find them intriguing. Even before I upgraded my gaming rig the game ran pretty well on a prebuilt system with mostly High settings. I've been doing some benchmarking recently and just thought I would demonstrate how well this game can be run with high end hardware running well on all cylinders.

Relevant hardware specs:

i9-9900k at 4.7 GHz

32 gigs Corsair Vengeance 3200 Mhz


My game is running on a Samsung Evo 860 SATA SSD.

These first three benchmarks are in 4K with Extreme graphics preset.

Athel Yenlui Legend, complete run

Average framerate : 90.0 FPS

Minimum framerate : 73.2 FPS

Maximum framerate : 107.2 FPS

1% low framerate : 69.0 FPS

0.1% low framerate : 58.7 FPS

Into the Nest Legend, 3/4 of a run (host quit)

Average framerate : 91.7 FPS

Minimum framerate : 63.4 FPS

Maximum framerate : 117.3 FPS

1% low framerate : 69.7 FPS

0.1% low framerate : 61.3 FPS

Can't remember the map for this one, but this was a complete Legend run

Average framerate : 98.8 FPS

Minimum framerate : 44.5 FPS

Maximum framerate : 128.2 FPS

1% low framerate : 71.8 FPS

0.1% low framerate : 53.9 FPS

4K in-game benchmark, Extreme preset:
LDmdr8g - Vermintide 2 High Performance Benchmarks


1440p benchmarks, Extreme preset

The War Camp, complete run

Average framerate : 124.3 FPS

Minimum framerate : 69.7 FPS

Maximum framerate : 199.2 FPS

1% low framerate : 70.1 FPS

0.1% low framerate : 45.9 FPS

Screaming Bell, complete run

Average framerate : 125.1 FPS

Minimum framerate : 69.6 FPS

Maximum framerate : 198.2 FPS

1% low framerate : 70.7 FPS

0.1% low framerate : 52.6 FPS

At 1440p I was seeing some considerable bottlenecking going on as GPU utilization was dropping to 60% in some instances. Kind of expected considering I haven't overclocked my 9900k beyond 4.7 GHz all core, which is the stock all core frequency if Intel TDP limits are removed. However, still interesting given the performance of this graphics card overall.

This isn't meant to be a brag thread, but a showcase of how well the game can run as the majority of the posts focused on performance on this sub are mostly negative. Of all the games I've played recently Vermintide 2 remains one of my favorite games visually and I love its overall aesthetic and graphical style. So really this thread is also meant to be an appreciation thread of a sort.

Winds of Magic is sure to bring even more to the table in terms of high quality visuals.

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