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Vermintide 2 now at “mixed” recent reviews on steam.

maxresdefault 1024x576 - Vermintide 2 now at "mixed" recent reviews on steam.

Not sure how I feel about it, on the one hand I've been thoroughly enjoying the game (nearing 200 hours), it does a lot of things right and can we very fun when it works well

but on the other hand we are now almost at 2 months after the game launched:

-Still no dedicated servers

-Still no mod support

-still have a UI that seems to make a point of NOT giving you information

-bots are still dumber than a bag of left handed hammer handles

-we still have some broken talents or abilities that conflict/negate each other but no way of knowing this unless modders find out

-still next to no cosmetics

-still nothing to decorate your keep with (which they did advertise as being in the game at launch)

-still lots of performance/lag/netcode issues (although this is better than before)

I know there's the huge patch tomorrow, but it's just a beta of the patch, it's not live yet.


I'm not sure that Vermintide 2 is quite deserving of a "mixed" review, but I do think it might help wake Fatshark up that they have, pretty badly IMO, dropped the ball on launching this game.

I can't speak for all of you, only myself, but if not for the 1st game being one of my favorite games of all time I probably wouldn't be touching VT2 until they fix more of this.

They really should have just released the game in some kind of beta state/early access. I'm sure most of us would have been fine with that and at least then they would have a legit reason for there being so many issues with the game.

A released game will always have some bugs but this shit is getting ridiculous.

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