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So I've been playing a lot more and compiled a list of more tips. You can see the original Vol 1 over here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vermintide/comments/84bj3k/a_list_of_simple_tips_and_tricks_for_vt2/

I'd also like to start off by adding some of the tips provided in the comments of that link:

  • /u/timo103 : You can hit M instead of going to the board

  • /u/Se7enSixTwo : Hit H to change Heroes faster.

  • /u/Pocketlint60 :

    • Veteran Ranger Bardin's Skill, Disengage, boosts his ranged damage and armor piercing.
    • Disengage's stealth effect doesn't work on Bosses. It does work on Elites and Specials.
    • Bardin's Veteran Ranger beard is objectively superior to his Ironbreaker and Slayer beards.
    • Unlike Vermintide 1, the Rapier's offhand pistol has infinite ammo. Use liberally.
  • /u/neykho : Blocking causes the weapon attack "order" to reset.

  • /u/Orcstructor : Do not use your F as a Pyromancer or Waystalker when you´re near a Stormvermin or Chaos Patrol. That will wipe your team on higher difficulties

  • You can block and press attack to shove enemies away. The radius this shove is the blue 'angle' on the weapon's stats and is affected by block angle.

  • If you hold the attack button as the shove occurs, while still holding block, you'll do a followup attack. This is exceptionally useful with Spear and Halberd, and with the Halberd if you quickly attack again (releasing block) you'll do a second armor piercing downward swing.

  • Some weapons, such as sienna's daggers, have half cost on their shoves.

  • Killing enemies will restore stamina, this means that with certain builds (such as spear shove attacking) you can restore the stamina used in the shove by hitting and killing enough enemies with the followup attack.

  • You block in a 360 degree angle, anything outside of your block/shove range will cost more stamina to block however.

  • Some weapons have no movement speed penalty to blocking. If you're using such a weapon, be sure to block when not doing anything else to avoid the random back attacks that occur.

  • Many attack chains can be changed base on blocking and heavy attacks. For example the flail will skip to downward swings if you block attack and continue attacking, and you can reset it to sweeps by doing a heavy attack before the downward attacks.

  • Many weapons, especially heavy ones, will knock enemies aside without killing them. In some cases this will leave enemies who are still alive in a pile of bodies that then stand and hit you in the back. To avoid this, don't walk forward while fighting a horde but always move backwards to help alleviate this.

  • If you play on high graphics, many times the bodies will stealthily hide enemies who are still alive but standing up. Reducing blood decals to its lowest amount will cause no more than a small number of corpses to persist, letting you know when an enemy wasn't killed.

  • When doing Hunger in the Dark, you can turn ambient light to 'low' and you'll be able to see in the pitch black part of the mission.

  • When doing Festering Ground, the boils at the end leave poison on the ground. Walking past them and shooting them behind you avoids taking damage in the first segment of them.

  • Additionally, on the second grimore of Festering ground, it's significantly easier to jump and control your fall onto the ledge rather than slide onto it.

  • On the first grimore of War Camp, if you aim for the middle of the post you're jumping on you'll miss it and slide off. Aim for the left side of the post and you'll land on it.

  • In Righteous Stand on the second grimore the slayer, handmaiden, and battle wizard can all skip the jumping puzzle with their career skill.

  • Additionally they can skip the puzzle for the first grimore in screaming bell by using it to jump onto the bar above the first location you jump down (just after the open market area).

  • On many maps, there are very difficult spots that can be easily managed. One example is Against the Grain. The first house oftentimes has a horde, a wave of specials, a patrol, and a boss. To avoid this, when you reach the house everyone should run into the small room and wait. Hordes are on a timer, and this will let you kill the horde before running out to engage the boss or patrol (if necessary).

  • Avoid the RPG Consumable trap! If things are going rough, throw that bomb or use that potion. Not everything needs saved for a boss if you're already struggling at the point you're at.

  • When using bombs, keep in mind the stormvermin shield wielders can 'block' the bomb, preventing it from killing enemies behind them. If throwing it at a patrol make sure to throw it over their heads so they don't save the vermin behind them.

  • Many weapons that don't armor pierce will pierce armor during the duration of a strength potion.

  • Pyromancer and Foot Knight can chain stun lock bosses using their career skill if they have a concentration potion.

  • With the trait 'Concoction' a huntsman can have the effects of strength and speed for the entire duration of his career skill, and reset his career skill just after it ends with any potion.

  • Natural Bond, the trait that prevents healing item use, is a good way to practice for legendary as your mistakes in champion aren't so easily counteracted.

  • On waystalker, Natural bond is not worth the penalty. Rather, use 30% increased healing which will work on her passive, temp health gains, and still let her use healing items.

  • In higher difficulties, incendiary bombs are more harm than good in many situations as their damage will hurt allies, but barely tickle enemies.

  • As Zealot, you don't want to be at low life. Although his strength increases, he's still quite strong without the bonuses, and they'll still be there when you do need them.

  • When using items, the stats of the item don't carry over when not equipped. This means if you have % damage vs chaos on a bow, it wont work while using your spear and vice versa.

  • If using a high 'single shot' weapon to kill specials, try to roll % power vs chaos and % power vs Skaven as its most important that you have the capability to one hit kill specials rather than stormvermin.

  • Chaos Warriors are not considered armored and power vs armor will not affect them.

  • When building your stats, try to reach 'breakpoints' or points that change the number of shots needed for an activity. An example of a breakpoint would be +20% damage vs chaos on handgun letting you one hit kill leeches (Not an actual breakpoint, just an example). These breakpoints are much more reliable than relying on critical hits as a way to reduce number of required hits. As of now there isn't a comprehensive list, but in time this may become available.

  • Ranger Veteran's talent to increase the duration of disengage also removes the location requirement, causing the stealth to remain regardless of where he runs.

  • Ranger Veteran's smoke bomb deals 1 damage in friendly fire. It can kill himself or his allies if they're at 1 health.

  • Witch Hunter Captain and Mercenary shouts have this same problem (Although the temp health from mercenary I believe prevents the killing situation).

  • You can dodge while crouching. If you have overzealous ranged people behind you, crouching will sometimes stop the friendly fire.

  • As a ranged character, to avoid friendly fire you can jump and shoot over an allies head.

  • Red items only come from Champion or Legend difficulty. General box is minimum for a champion box to have a chance, while any box in legend has a chance.

  • Many enemies have a 'Tracking' to their attacks. This is really obvious on overhead swings and how they follow you despite your movements. This following can include not only turning, but moving forward and back. Dodging will temporarily 'disable' this tracking and make the attack miss much more reliably. However if you don't dodge enemies will more often just slide close enough to hit or follow your movements. Handmaiden's dash is not considered a dodge in this instance, meaning she can charge through an enemy and still get hit because the enemy is still tracking her and does a 180 to hit.

  • These Stairs go up!

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