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Hello everyone!

I have kinda run into this thing where people communicate in-game via either microphones or using the chat to send information to other players and I figured it might be a good idea to start a topic to collect the "Verminslang" so people know what different words and acronyms etc mean.

Basic idea is to convey condensed information in a fast way, so instead of saying for example "Packmasters" it´d be easier to call out "packs" or calling "Gutter runner approaching you from the cliff on your left side" you could say "gutter up left" etc. I´ll list some that I´ve run into in public games and whilst playing with my buddies and hopefully this collective terminology would help people understand more about the game and it´s glossary. If I forget something please let me know so I can edit things to the list.

Enemies / Elites / Specials etc:

– Packmasters = Hookers / Grabbers / Packs

– Gutter runners = Gutters / Stabbers / Assas

– Warpfire throwers = Flamer

– Ratling gunners = Ratlings / gunners

– Rat Ogre = Roger

– Chaos Spawn = Spawn

– Stormfiend = Boss / Just stormer, I don´t have any good name for him 😀

– Leech = Leeches / Succ-bois

– Blightstormers = Blighties / Stormers / Caster (rarely used)

– Stormvermin = Stormies / Stormis

– Shieldvermin = Shieldies / Shieldybois / Cancer

– Poison wind globariers = Gasrats / Globas

– Big chaos warriors with armor = CW:s

– Big unarmored chaos warriors = Maulers

– Berserkers / savages = Zerkers / Zerks

– Plaguemonks = Monkies / Monks

– Bile Troll = Troll

Map / Items / Gameplay

– Bardin = Master Goreksson, the stunty one. One of the five classes in the game.

– Boss Swapped / Switched = A signal that a miniboss (rat ogre, chaos spawn, stormfiend, bile troll) swapped aggro to another player. For example "Elf, swapped" means the boss in question swapped his target to Kerillian.

– Bomb = Common word for the two variants of bombs. Firebombs and Bombs. Used to make explosions.

– Chokes / Chokepoints = Defensible positions used to funnel hordes into easily killable places, essentially kill-zones.

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– Down, downed = Person who got downed, is slowly bleeding out and requires healing or death might come calling.

– Drops, drop-downs, points of no-return = Most maps have places where you cannot return after jumping down a certain location.

– Elf, Kerillian, Ker = The bi*ching one, one of the five playable classes in the game.



– Grim / grims = Grimoires, hidden books that grant higher quality of loot at the end of the map, should the team survive.

– Grim-carrier = Some classes are arguably better at carrying grimoires than others, those classes are thus better suited to carry grims, examples are Ironbreaker and Foot Knight.

– Heals, Drinks, Healing Draughts, Draughts = Healing item that restores a set amount of hitpoints to the person who drinks it.

– Hold = To wait for a horde in a suitably defensible position, to wait as a team for something to happen. For example clearing a horde before a drop-down in order to avoid a known boss-trigger area.

– Kruber, Krubs = The Reliable one, one of the five playable classes in the game, comes with a moustache. The moustache is awesome. Thou shalt not dispute the awesomeness of the moustache lest you are deemed a heretic.

– Medpacks = Can be used to heal yourself or someone else, restores a set percentage of hitpoints while also cleaning wounds on the person using it.

– NB, regen = Natural Bond, grants a passive health regen but removes the ability to use healing draughts or medpacks on yourself. CAN still use medpack on someone else to clean a wound.

– Push = To move together as a team, gain map progress

– Salty, Saltz = Victor Saltzpyre, the Zealous as*hole one. One of the five playable classes in the game. Sigmar bless his ravaged body.

– Sienna / Wiz = Sienna Fuegonasus, the Burny one. One of the five playable classes in the game.

– Tome = Another loot item, picking one up and carrying it to the end of the map awards higher quality loot box.

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– Pots / Pot = Potions, summary for speed, strenght or concentration potion.

– Temp hp = White hitpoints, temporary hitpoints, usually gained from character level 20 class ability which grants hitpoints per kills.

– Ult = Shortening for Career specific ultimate ability, for example Sienna´s Burning Head or Slayer´s Leap. "Lemme ult the boss off a cliff"

– White = White hitpoints, a "bleed-out state". You were injured bad enough that a team mate had to revive you. You are on temporary hitpoints, slowly bleeding out into 1 hit point. Use a healing item or die.

That´s some of the few ones in the game I know of. I am sure I forgot some of great importance so kindly post the ones I forgot so I can add them to the list. Thank you for your time and see you in-game!

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