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Vermintide 2’s end game content sucks. Some suggestions.

warhammer 5 - Vermintide 2's end game content sucks. Some suggestions.

I'm sure there have been dozens of posts like this already, but V2 has a really terrible end game that does not reward continued play at all.

The Problem

Current Cataclysm

First of all, you have Cataclysm mode, which is essentially just a more difficult Legend, but is far less rewarding to play. There's nothing new to see or do, and the rewards are completely identical to playing on Legendary. There are no higher drop rates, unique item types or exclusive cosmetics. In practice however, the higher difficulty makes collecting grimoires far less appealing, so Cataclysm runs usually end up being far less rewarding compared to just running legendary difficulty. Cataclsym feels like a quick, lazy afterthought.


Then you get Weaves. These are supposed to be the high level end game content for players who have burnt out on the main game, but the whole concept of having to essentially play a separate game within the game that ignores everything else you've done up to that point, with separate leveling, matchmaking and a whole new grind is a horrible one. Even if I did enjoy it, it seems to be really difficult actually finding other players even playing weaves most of the time.

Deeds and Weeklies

Then we have Deeds. While its not really an end game feature as such, it is supposed to offer an additional challenge over the normal game. Unfortunately, this too also sucks really badly. The Deeds are generally repetitive and uninteresting with basically worthless rewards. They feel like some strange forgotten remnant of an earlier version of the game. Weekly events are mechanically pretty much just deeds, so they fall into largely the same boat with a small additional incentive.


My suggestion – Scrap everything else and focus on Cataclysm

Scrap weaves altogether. The way the whole system has been designed is fatally flawed. Likewise, deeds should just be straight up removed from the game. Instead , completely rework and expand Cataclysm mode to be an actual end game mode. Cataclysm should be the ultimate focus of more experienced players, with tiered levels. Each additional tier adds additional modifiers to the game. For example:

  1. Enemies move faster, hit even harder
  2. You have less health, and heal less from health packs
  3. Elites have more health and take no additional damage from critical hits
  4. Ranged damage reduced
  5. etc..

With each subsequent level, you must contend with more and more of these modifiers. Those of you familiar with Slay the Spire may recognize this as similar to ascension levels. The modifiers I've suggested are pretty unimaginative, but the devs could be as creative with this as they wanted. They already have some interesting game mechanics that are languishing in weaves and deeds. Each season they could refresh the cataclysm tiers, bringing new challenges and modifiers. You could cap it at a cataclysm level of, say, 20, with each level bringing better and better rewards, unique cosmetics, frames, shillings, etc.

Hopefully this would help to give the game a sense of a focused, unified end game instead of weird fragmented bits of ideas that fail to give players any meaningful reason to keep playing.

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