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warhammer 10 - Vermintide and Updates

I understand this will entirely be downvoted, ignored or claim i'm being a fansheep or whatever – but I just wanted to share my opinion on the matter for both Vermintide and games as a whole.

It makes me really sad that Gamers today feel a game is dead/dying/developers are lazy solely because new updates aren't crapped out on a regular basis.

Games do not need to be constantly adding new things every week or every month or the like to keep ones interest, or at least they shouldn't.

Is new stuff good and keep people playing? Sure, of course it does – everyone likes more stuff for games they enjoy playing but people act entitled like they absolutely deserve it on their time.

It's disheartening because it comes across as extremely entitled and most of the comments come across with zero actual criticism and more just akin of people stroking each other off to target Fatshark like they're some villain.

A game does not die because of a lack of continued updates bloating it with stuff. It survives based on the community who enjoy playing it.

A lot of players like us have been playing since the game released to even the beta. We've done pretty much everything and seen everything. We may not even like everything.

However that doesn't make the game dead or dying or the developers lazy for not keeping up with new content at such a ridiculous expectation.

I always see new players posting things both on the steam forums and here mentioning how much fun they're having with the game and how they never even heard of it until now. That's healthy, it means newer people are coming in via sale or from seeing videos and the like.


If you're not having fun with the game anymore or rather you feel like you've exhausted all the content you like to play and just don't want to repeat it…Take a break. Move on. Play something else.

Come back later if something catches your interest, come back just to play with some friends for just a good time. Don't sit around seething angrily because Fatshark doesn't produce content like overworked Epic employees.

Now before people jump down my throat, I completely respect and understand constructive criticism. I'm not defending Fatshark, they've made some bonehead decisions and trip-ups with Vermintide and I KNOW a lot of people are coming from a good place of wanting to see the potential of this game grow to great heights and I get that. Really I do. There are A LOT of things i'd love to see in this game and I have no doubts that Fatshark themselves do too.

The Drakensfels maps are a great example of this. Awesome new voice work, great pacing and level design and a really cool boss at the end of it.

These were done really well and set a precedent of what i'd like to see more of, but once people do it thrice or a dozen times they get bored and just want something new which is such an unrealistic expectation.


I'm an old person that believes games don't need Epic Employee mistreatment of content churning to enjoy continued play of something.

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