Warhammer: Vermintide

Vermintide continues this unfortunate path.

warhammer 3 - Vermintide continues this unfortunate path.

I've made posts about this in the past, and it was met for the most part with general agreeance on the issue, however it seems like there's little change, let's break it down.

First we'll start with the bugs, I've been playing VT and VT2 from the start, albeit VT, not a lot, but enough. In VT2, there seems be a whole lot of bugs at least that I've run into and if you go through my profile or posts on reddit, you'll see the plentiful amounts of videos that I got. I feel that where you just have a list of bugs then a patch comes out that maybe some on the list get fixed, but then you can just add more bugs to that list as more and more come out. That's unfortunate, and I'm not sure how to fix it in a constructive way other than bringing it the attention of the community, and / or people at fatshark and hope that these get resolved.

Next is the previous, and most recent DLCs. Back to ubersreik I think is missions just pulled from the first game? Which I think is kind of lazy, and I mean if you're going to go that way I think in my opinion might as well just pull all the missions for a bunch of content? Moving to Bogenhafen, it's an alright DLC for me too many dark missions where it's just dark and you need a torch I don't necessarily enjoy that, and the DLC for the most part is meh. Now onto my personal vendetta, Winds of Magic… let's start it off with the weaves part of that DLC, personally it looked interesting and cool with the types of weaves and the unique traits of the weaves, but making it so that you have to grind all that stuff ALL OVER AGAIN to me felt like a slap in the face, and then to see a competitive leaderboard, well it surprised me. I mean at this point I think the time between all the DLCs were pretty long, and at this point I think the playerbase of the game were low in numbers, and I felt that both matchmaking for normal missions and matchmaking for weaves was low in numbers, sure you could find games, but there weren't too many lobbies, this game was slowly fading out. Then talking about the beastmen the enemy of this DLC I kind of felt they were really strong. The gors would just huddle up into a super meatball and you couldn't cleave through them so you could hit 1 while the rest just drop your health to 0. Then while that's happening you got ungors behind the meatball extending their arms and their really long spears to stab you so if you somehow blocked the metalball you got the spears behind the meatball stabbing you cause you ran out of stamina. Their hordes would ambush you, and that makes sense however I've seen where I would turn around and they would appear out of air like 10 feet behind us, surround us and wipe the party. Tie that in with the flag bearers there would be in my experience at least 2, and a bunch of gor meatballs, you were lucky to get to a single flag. I'm not going to talk any more indepth about the beastmen, other than their map, their map kind of felt boring, their ending part was really hard on legend and not the kind of "get good" but with all that stuff above it was just a bunch of "get fucked" kind of difficulty. It was also pretty disappointing to only find 1 map for beastmen, I mean if everything went right and beastmen weren't this weird blob and you had missions in the forest or surrounding area heading to the crater I think might've added to the DLC pretty high price for what it had.


Now this is also about another DLC the Grail Knight DLC and while it is good to finally see new careers the way they went about it seems bad. First off the game has a content drout problem and if you don't know what that is it's just basically the DLCs have a lengthy time in between in each other leaving time a lot of time for you to get bored with the DLCs the base game compiled with in this particular case the DLCs not being as good as you wanted left much to be desired. Day 1 of Grail Knight release, 10 or so lobbies, filled with only 1 person on Legend Difficulty, all playing Grail Knight and playing with bots. That's bad, this game wasn't so that you played with bots but with people and now you got a bunch of people clawing at the latest DLC cause something finally happened and now they just got to play alone, and well the bots in VT2 are really braindead, I've stood in an open field fighting a horde when a gas rat appears and throws a single globe and I killed it, however the bots decided it was an advantage to fight in the gas and then proceeded to die. So now you've got a single career, everybody clawing for it, a bunch of ghost lobbies, no one wants to play anything but grail knight, and bots that somehow exist though you're relatively sure they shouldn't be able to move around that coherently with their level of intelligence. Hey guess what that's not all with the DLC though you got to PAY to UNLOCK the cosmetics which is I think more 100% more than what you paid for the career, at that point just give me the cosmetics. I wouldn't mind unlocking them if it had just came with the career DLC and not because you added the price to the career DLC.

So TLDR fix bugs, please…
don't necessarily make "more" content, but content that isn't half baked or bugged to shit.
and while I love new careers I think that if you're going to sell them as a DLC, do us a courtesy but not making the cosmetics that you have to unlock a privilege that you have to pay for, but instead that comes with the career and NOT as an added price to the DLC. I think as well that you should wait to release at least 2, or the rest of the careers as it just makes a bunch of ghost lobbies. I mean there's already content drout and it doesnt' seem to stop might as well continue that and fix a different problem rather than continuing the content drout and making another problem.

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