Warhammer: Vermintide

Vermintide is limiting sales because it is too easy…

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… on Recruit and Veteran, and perhaps even Champion.

Edit: This post is about Vermintide 2, please pardon any confusion.

Suggestion: Provide a Hero Power boost to heroes that play above their designated difficulty in Custom Matches, if they choose to play with their friends at higher difficulty levels.

This should probably not apply to quickplay.

Skilled and talented players should have a choice of higher challenge from the start. Deeds help with the challenge, but they are rare and run out too quickly, especially now when people do them for the achievement.

I convinced one friend to try out Vermintide during a sale, and we played through the campaign on Recruit and then Veteran, including deeds. The game was much easier than what I remembered when I first played when it came out, and we had very few of the kind of moments that make Vermintide addictive and interesting. Gimping my character didn't help, the intensity of the AI Director was just too low to create exciting moments.


Playing harder difficulties without Hero Power is not fun for the new person because of HP breakpoints. Playing Recruit and Veteran is just not fun for people that are either very experienced or very talented at such games.

I'm worried about recommending it to people who played L4D and other co-op FPS games because with each one we bring over, we will have to revisit the tedious leveling through Recruit and Veteran (even though achievements make this slightly faster these days).

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