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Vermintide meets doom – Embrace your inner marine [advanced umgak]

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I tried the murder hobo ranger veteran build earlier, but it was missing that certain extra something-something: A proper soundtrack.

My solution to this was a short AHK-script that starts playing the Doom 1 soundtrack every time you press F for the duration of Bardins smoke bomb.

In case anyone else is interested in this mindboggingly stupid idea I thought I'd share it with my fellow members of the Bloody Übersreik five, or four.

Below are two download links to zip-archives, one with the source code and sound only and one with a compiled .exe as well.


Download one of the archives and extract somewhere. Important: The sound file and the script must be in the same folder, but it doesn't matter where that folder is located.

Launch the script, chose the duration (with or without Ranger's ambush) and set the first pair of radio buttons to On. The next time you press F you will be blasted with nostalgia as you blast the raki with your grudgeraker.

There is a simple GUI included, so you can pause the effect (via the radio buttons) or exit the script with ease.


Complete package – .ahk source code, .exe pre-compiled and sound


Only source code and sound – Chose this if your firewall blocks downloads of .exe-files, or you don't want to download a .exe from a random person from the internet. Requires AHK to be installed on your computer to launch or compile.

Read more about AHK and download AHK from here

Is this a cheat?

Since it's probably a proven scientific fact that you preform better with shotguns if you listen to Doom music some people might consider this cheating.

In all seriousness, all this script do is to play the music from Doom (level 1 from Doom 1) for ~11-14.5 seconds (depending on the setting) every time you press F. It doesn't affect anything other than that. I've played with it for several runs without it being flagged by EAC (since AHK in theory can be used for cheating in most games), but I take no responsibility for any problems anyone might get themselves into.

Since the script doesn't interact with Vermintide at all it works with every hero, although it won't be as fitting as with a grudgeraker. It has no way of telling if your smoke bomb is off cool down, so you can trigger the music even during cool down.

Questions? Feedback?

Feel free to post them here.

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